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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Delphite Pyrex Fridgies!

Something you literally have to fight for in this city. Got these at auction. Not only is my thrifting down, my Pyrex is down, so I was willing to throw down... quite a lot on these & luckily, it didn't come to that. I paid less than what the last one had just sold for on eBay (approx. $24). Excellent condition. No scratches, no marks, no crazing, no chips, the only something was excitement!

From what I hear, these were made only in Canada.
I had misunderstood the information on Pyrex Love & Vonlipi has corrected me, I thought that these were from 1960-1962, but actually, the plant had closed in the '50s.

Auctions get me giddy. I get nervous. My heart goes in my throat. I shake afterward.

What do you think?
BTW, DAY 10 of Goodwill visits with NOTHING! WTF!?
Another, BTW, that's natural light you see in my photo. I love it. You also get to see the view a bit from my kitchen window of my new place.


  1. Love the color of those! Very cool find! The only light I can use with my cheapo camera right now is natural. I have to take things outside to even get a half way decent picture! lol...

  2. They are gorgeous! I love the delphite but yes it's hard to find here in the states.

  3. We never had blue ones and I think I may have to look into that.
    I see you have C.D.Zweig's blog in your sidebar. Did you join I Antique Online?
    I need to spend more time there but know it is a place you would enjoy and make connections.
    (I read your comment on Van's blog.)
    On Fb ther is a Treasure Seeks Unit group trying to get the technical bugs worked out. Great people there too.

  4. There's something not kosher here! Yes those are made in Canada but not in 1960-1962 because the canadian plant closed in the 50's. And these are not Bluebell, they are 100% pure canadian Delphite. Bluebell is the U.S version of Delphite.

    Yours are among the first produced because of the colored lids, the consumers found them un-practical and eventually the company started selling them with clear lids.

  5. Nice! See, now you've got some nice fridgies of your own that I'm jealous of. :D

  6. Oooh Delphite with Delphite lids! Great score. So wonderful to find them in good condition.

  7. Thanks Dogsmom! I'm going to check it out.