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Monday, July 25, 2011

Great Thrift Haul!

Thrift Share Monday

I'm loving my finds this week! Loving!

I'll start you off with some Pyrex. My Pyrex has been scare recently, very scare. I was shocked to find what I found today, completely shocked & psyched. My first find of the day today was one of those neon green cake pans, priced at $5.05. I was turning it over contemplating buying it, just because it was Pyrex, you know, I rarely see it.. when I looked up, what do I see. THIS FREAKING 475 2
½ QT BUTTERPRINT CASSEROLE. Butterprint is rare in these parts, almost anything patterned is for that matter, lidded & in fantastic condition in a thrift.. it seems to be quite hard to find. This is my absolute favourite pattern. I'm so excited, even at the price of $8.08.

In the same shop, I found hidden, this great #444 Spring Blossom Green. Had passed this one up in Value Village about a month ago, glad I did - besides being filthy inside, it's almost in pristine condition. $6.06. I think I have to get two more bowls for this set.

The next shop, the one I visit everyday, what do I find carelessly tossed at the end of an aisle? This #525B
2½ QT square lidded casserole. I've seen this once in the wild at Bibles for Missions in Windsor, horrid condition, but I considered buying it because I saw it in Corrina, Corrina, lol. Glad I didn't.. with lid? What's going on here? Am I dreaming again? You can read about my Brad Pitt thrifting dream on the Pyrex Collective, click here! (will post later today on there).

OKAY, onto some other things.

I remember getting this game when I was little - Super Mario Brothers 3. I remember keeping that box in the right side of the entertainment center - lord knows what happens to it. Even though it wasn't the right game inside, for $3.00, I loved to own the box again. I own the game without the box & the game inside - Mario Brothers (Original) with Duck Hunt is warped on the Duck Hunt, so score! & boyfriend approved with the Paperboy - he used to love that game when he was little! Never had been able to pass it though, always died when he hit the tornado..

Salvation Army - original Star Wars curtains 1977 20th Century Fox. $1.99 each. Rarely find anything here.

Some little things..

One of those late '80s early '90s huge buttons. Did anybody actually wear these or did they just prop them up with the back part? Value Village, 99cents. At the same shop, I'm describing these as Americana, this little figurines. They were in a bag of items for $2.99. The girls bow is a little chipped up, but that's OK, I guess. What you gonna do? Also a Madonna cassette single to add to my cassette single collection - Deeper And Deeper.

A little mad about the Salt & Pepper shakers, I squished the plastic, so it`s not as in great condition as when I bought it. Kinda depressing.

Some silly stationary from 1981, Puffin Productions Inc. MOOSE-A-LANEOUS. Get it!É There has to be like 100 pages on this thing.

I bought a set of Termocrisa mugs at Value Village. I'm hoping to resell these. What's a good price? I'm hoping to open a shop at least by the end of the summer... I didn`t say this summer! LOL.

This other mug, a little weird. I haven't had time to look up a meaning & I don't really get it, but the look caught me. It's a Federal mug. Besides the year, 1971 & the Federal marking, the only other marking on the mug is: JRDPub.Co.Ottawa, so assuming it`s a publishing company in Ottawa.


  1. How fun is all of this! I'd love to go thrifting with you (and Brad Pitt) if you lived in Calgary. Ha. The cassette just made me remember I have a large hard plastic bubble gum pink cassette case somewhere full of cassettes. All '80's goodness of course. Good times. Heehee.

  2. $5.05? $8.08? That is odd pricing, at least where I live. Nice finds!

  3. I have the exact same orange salt and pepper shaker!

    E :)

  4. Your PET mug appears to be a rather rude (and not very good) parody of Pierre Elliot Trudeau, who, in the early years was sometimes referred to as PET (his initials).

  5. AHHHHHHHHHHH You got to the pyrex before me!!


    Its been a long time since I found any!!!

  6. The Pierre Elliott Trudeau Mug refers to the House of Commons. Hope that help clear up the reference.