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Friday, January 22, 2010

Reading this post will cost you a quarter!

This post is dedicated to my grandfather he passed away this past weekend. May he rest in peace. I originally bought this as a surprise for my boyfriend. It's not like the usual statues of this nature, every thrifter has seen hundreds of these, but is made of cheap plastic. I like to say it's from the '50s, but we all know it's probably not. So yea, originally bought for my boyfriend, but it's sat gathering dust on the bottom of a book shelf, so "I Loved You This Much".

I'll remember you always & forever.

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  1. Awww... so sweet-looking while at the same time so... well, sorta disturbing. Like a pug puppy - adorably ugly.
    Reminds me that no matter what anyone looks like, a friend who loves you is endearing. We shouldn't judge by the outward, but rather by the inward.

    Nuts, I've gone and waxed philosophical about a Value Village knicknack, haven't I? ::sigh::

    I love the blog. I'm a thrift addict myself. =)