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Monday, January 11, 2010

Fashion Is For Fashion People!


This is probably the most expensive shirt I have ever bought. Now, this shirt wasn't from a thrift store but it is vintage! This was an eBay buy. Finding a David Allen Coe shirt, especially a 50/50 (50% cotton, 50% polyester) ain't gonna happen to often. OKAY, OKAY, I'll let you in on how much I paid.

$76 USD!
& $5 USD shipping!

I'm justifying buying it, since I don't usually spend my money so freely. My grandparents gave each of their grandchildren $500 for Christmas to enjoy. My father also gave me $100. Also a couple months ago I made a killing on a Marilyn Manson shirt I found here in Toronto at Vintage Depot in Kensignton Market. Paid $7, was marked down from $10 & sold it for $232.50 on eBay. So I consider the shirt justified.

I'll look much better in it than Josh here, but first I'll have to lost 50lbs. Can I do it?

Have faith!

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