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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Burger King Gift Card Giveaway!

Alright. This is my first giveaway. It's not much of a giveaway, but, I ordered if off of iCoke with some points & sorta, trying to stick with a sorta New Years resolution, I'm gonna give it away. Don't know anybody who actually is into fast food enough to give it too, so thought I would give it away on here. Giving it away to someone who wants it is better than tossing it in the trash. Ya know?

A whole..

Open to residents of Canada. Ends January 31st, 2010.

Just comment with anything, "I want to win" or whatever. You can tell me what you're wearing (or not wearing). Doesn't matter.
If you want an extra entry, go ahead & follow my blog. Doesn't matter.
Just make another post saying you've hopped on the wagon.
If you're already on the wagon, let me know that two in a second post.

There are a total of 2 entries per person.
Winner will be drawn by

It's all up to you. This is more than enough to get a daily combo!


  1. Hey Hey I'm the first one to enter, I get the
    Gift Card, Right??? I like Burger King.

  2. No, sorry you don't. I will draw a winner randomly from all comments via on the 31st.

  3. mmm Burger King!!! What am I wearing? Absolutley Nothing!!! Yah!!

  4. hey i once had a $5 GC for burger king and one day i was broke and it felt like treasure to have it, so count me in
    roswello athotmail dot com

  5. i already had hopped on your wagon and followed , just for fun lets say i was wearing a cowboy outfit , chaps , just chaps , oh how i wish i was 20 again , not a pretty picture , so lets say i was fully clothed LOL

  6. bummer!!! Only canadians?? whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (RockysJewel)

  7. Next giveaway is for all of us. The card was in Canadian funds.. so wouldn't do any of you Americans any good unless you were planning a trip to Canada!!

  8. woo hoo, i heart onion rings. i would tell them my name is Pitts, Smellma Pitts so that when they get my order ready they will be like Smellma Pitts, your food is ready! LOL, i cant wait