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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Thriftasaurus #116

Thriftasaurus #116

Welcome thrifters, readers & fellow treasure seekers to the first Thriftasaurus of 2015! I know I promised the first Thriftasaurus last weekend, but man, I went snowboarding on Friday & came home Saturday afternoon & was sick as a dog. I couldn't move & could barely drag myself out of bed. As the week went on, I kept getting worse. I felt like I had a fever of 104 (it was normal), it felt like someone took the worlds largest screw driver & screw & forced it down my throat. I'd stop breathing during the night, so wake up every 30mins-45 mins. I don't think I have been sick in about 10 years, so I guess I am lucky. Until the end of this past week, I hadn't stepped into a thrift store for over 2 weeks. Can you believe that? A record. 

I had plans for my first Thriftasaurus after Christmas to be my last Christmas finds of 2014, but being so sick, I was basically bed ridden aside from dragging my ass to work, so my Christmas decorations are still up! I'll be packing them up next week, so tune in for the last of my Christmas finds from 2014! There were a few nice ones & some really decent eBay purchases that I absolutely adore! 

Well, even though I have a backlog of beautiful finds, here are my finds from just this week!

I found this lovely lady head vase. My first. I forget off the top of my head what brand it is, but of course it's made in Japan. I don't want to peek in my display case right now because my BF is on a cleaning spree & don't wanna tick him off! Starts with a P though!

I also bought some various linens, vintage Christmas apron, these NWT Vera things & some cute tea towels by Zucchi, made in Italy. Unfortunately, my Italian isn't too good, so I can't work my way around the Home Furnishings site. I'd like to see the original price of these tea towels. 

A week isn't complete without vintage cards of gift tags! My fav in this lot is the Ole ones, made in England. 

I'm not sure about this pink rabbit. A woman in line behind me said it was cool & maybe I was just feeling the high of the lady head vase, but I thought the pink rabbit (candy dish?) would look good with Easter stuff. Not sure though. Anyone wanna trade for something? LOL. 

This mid 1980's Transformers candle! I don't think I can live without this now, haha.

I saw this hidden at the thrift store under some t-shirts. Still in the package & items inside still in package. I know vintage Fisher Price is a sought after item. Wasn't too sure, but I bought it anyways. May sell or trade. I had a picnic basket growing up, but not this one. Mine was the green one with the brown lid. 

I picked up these cats a long time ago. I posted one on Instagram, but not the other. Aren't they cute? 

I did stop at an antique market. I hate the 400 Market, but I stop there. Over priced shit. $57 for a Federal Dots bowl in brown, so damaged it feels like it has a matte finish. Ridiculous! I got this keychain though for $2.50. Looks like it's been there since the '80s, lol. 

I can't take a great pic of this, it was sealed & had been squished a little, but it's vintage shelf liner paper. You know the stuff. Such an adorable pattern. Even though it's a little rough, the material allows it to be flattened out because there is no severe damage.

That's it for me! I hope you got some great stuff to show off! I'm having withdrawls. Let me see it. Link up below! 




  1. I love the head vase and shelf liner! Finding a head vase (in good condition) is on my thrift bucket list. Yours is awesome :)

  2. You found some great things. Love the cats and the transformer candle!! Hope you are feeling much better now. That flu has been a Bad A$$ this year!

  3. i have to admit to lolling when you said you were scared to get in the way of the cleaning - i am usually the one making the poor man sneak through the house. ;) the head vase is just as amazing now as the first time i saw it on instagram! and those siamese figures are gorgeous - even if i do have the song from 'lady and the tramp' stuck in my head now. ;)

  4. love the cards and gift tags, you always find such nice ones!

  5. Hope you are totally well again. So many were ill over the Christmas week/s. Thank you for Thriftasurus no. 116. Live your head vase. Do you think it is a Relpo?

  6. Love the head vase! I never find those at the thrifts. Now that Chrissy mentioned Lady and the Tramp, I have that song going through my head!! Those naught Siamese cats in the movie! LOL! Hope you are feeling much much better.

  7. Don't feel bad about having a backlog. I have a constant one. It's so damn hard to stay caught up. I haven't blogged in over a week! Maybe today...

    That lady head vase is amazing. I have never found on in the wild but am not sure I would pick it up if I did. Maybe to sell but she'd have to be pretty dang cute for me to keep. I think yours is a keeper for sure.

    Hope you are feeling much better!


  8. Hope you're feeling better. I was down in your neck of the woods, got to a few spots, I found a Vera scarf, that was it - poor pickins' - that's been my only find in weeks!! Oh, well, I don't need much....

  9. Absolutely LOVE your head vase--she's gorgeous, and in perfect condition, too. Thanks so much for hosting such a great party!

  10. There really comes a time when you have to take down things and file them all away, as you move onto the next event or situation that the world has got in store for you. It would be a shame that we won't be able to check out your Christmas decor in ways they are intended to be seen. Well, not until the next 11 months, so might as well pack and stuff those decorations right. Thanks for sharing! I wish you all the best!

    Clay Delgado @ World Packaging Inc.