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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

5 Fire King Things To Own Before I Die

5 Fire King Things 
To Own Before I Die

I recently got the book "Anchor Hocking's Fire King Identification & Value Guide" by Gene Florence for I think $3. There wasn't much FK items in there that I wanted that I didn't already know existed, but still enough stuff to drool over.

Here are some FK things I need to own before I die...

This candle warmer set! This is one thing I had never knew existed until I saw this book. Very stylin'!

I have 1 black polka dot, but I need the whole set. Also need the whole red set. I have one tulip, found at Salvation Army 5 years ago (mint condition).  

I also need the black grease jar. The picture in the book is driving me nuts though.. looks like the lid is on wrong! 

I found out these existed on Instagram (I think) a week or so before getting this book. I need them. With the box. 

Umm.. the rainbow shakers, the red polka dot shakers & the black shakers! I have 1 rainbow shaker, that's it!

What's on your Fire King list, or do you not collect? I want the Gazelle bowl the most, but I didn't see it in this book... 


  1. Oh I have wanted one of those polka dot bowls for forever and am still hunt for a thrifty one. I also need a set of those salt & peppers...any of them. Yeah, I said need, maybe meaning covet. :)

    Love what you have found already. This sweet Fire King is a tough find.

  2. I would like any of those shakers. Love them.

  3. I need the red polka dot shakers and all the black polka dots. I just completed my Rainbow Swirl set yesterday. Not not box :-)


  4. I would love one piece of awesome Fire King polka dot pattern...shaker would make me so happy!!!

  5. I'm trying to collect the mixing bowls and range sets from 7 patterns, but I'm only about halfway there. I noticed that wonky lid on the black grease jar too, lol! Black dots and Kitchen Aids have been the super-elusive patterns for me. Good luck finding the pieces you're hunting :-)

  6. I would like any polka dot piece. I have never thrifter one.

  7. i just really love the title of this post!

  8. I love how you specify that you need the rainbow mixing bowl set "with the box." Aim high, my friend!

  9. There is a black dot grease jar at an antique mall here being held ransom for $60. A few months back, I passed on two of the rainbow mixing bowls. I was only going to collect Pyrex. I regret not getting them because they were cheap

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