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Monday, November 24, 2014



Hello again! This past weekend I went away for my sisters birthday to Windsor. My friend & I went to Livonia & went to an estate sale, Value World as well as Town Peddlar Antique & Craft Market. Like every other thrift store I have been to in America, Value World sucked. It was day 2 of the estate sale, so it kinda blew. We were going to attend some others, but... we kinda didn't have time, she had to work... so maybe next time! 

We needed some plates & I wanted something beautiful, funky, fantastic. I found some Salem Northstar plates for $5 each, so 4 came home with me from the market. We threw some out when we moved because we didn't want to pack them. I truly want some Franciscan Starburst, but well, you know. I ain't got no money.

I had to rescue this kneehugger... his face is slowly turning black, a chemical reaction? A friend of mine explained this to me before, but I forget. Also a Valentines Day kneehugger! This is something that was on my want list, so scratch that off. Also got these made in Japan treat stockings, adorbs, right? 

A toothpick holder? My favourite part is the stars. 

I can't believe I got some vintage ET wrapping paper! So psyched about this. & some adorable wrapping paper to boot! 

You know, I looked this over like three times in the thrift store... I guess I must have chipped it. :/ Still cute, though. 

& I can't forget this tablecloth. The woman who rode up on the linens not 30 seconds after me gave me the nastiest look when she saw me looking it over. That's when I knew I had to get it. I could always return it. 

Well that's it for me! I can't wait to see what you've found this week. Link up below with some of your wonderful second hand finds!




  1. i love everything, but especially that et wrapping paper! i'm jealous!

  2. I love those plates & the kneehuggers I haven't found any this year. So many great finds. Thanks for the party.
    Have a great week.

  3. Those plates are gorgeous! Love your tablecloth story...I would have bought it too! ;)

  4. You know I love the kneehuggers,the discolored face wouldn't matter to me either.

  5. You found some great stuff. I didn't know the faces would darken on some of the knee huggers but it wouldn't bother me, either. I loved the tablecloth story and the Santa toothpick holder is great!