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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Thriftasaurus #113!

Thriftasaurus #113 !

Thanks all who linked up last week & hope everyone who celebrated Thanksgiving last week had a good one! 

I scored a kneehugger from a thrift this week. This happens once a year. This is basically what I expect to find every time I sift through those bags of junk! Last year I found a gold one & the year before, a really small, ugly red one. But yeah, a knee hugger at the thrift is a BIG event for me!

I picked up these NIP Gremlins ornaments. I love them. The plastic packaging really shows its age, so I am contemplating taking them out. Inside the same grab bag, these candles. My question, not that it matters, is - are these Gurley candles? Thanks.

Also in the grab bag with the kneehugger were these deer. That's the first thing that caught my attention.  I almost put them back, but decided to carry them around just incase I decided I wanted them & upon inspection again when I was leaving, I discovered the kneehugger! My thrift high for the week.

I also got some Chippendale cards from 1986! I cannot believe that this was sexy back then. We have come a long, long way ladies & gents! 

& this stocking didn't even get to settle after the person who was looking at it previously decided to pass. The look on their face after I snatched it off the shelf - priceless. As they were still standing there looking ahead.

This Lefton Bluebird wall pocket planter or whatever.

Anyways, that's it this week! I had a little find that brightened up my morning - great start to a crappy day! Hope some vintage Christmas entered your lives, too!

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  1. Good finds. Thanks for Thriftasaurus no. 113. We dot out first snow yesterday

  2. Like your finds. Was lol with the cards, yes we have come a long way..

  3. Cute finds! Now those playing cards - that was a HOT find ;)

  4. Uhm, those Chippendale guys?

    Still sexy.

  5. I have the same lamp post candle and it has the sticker so you found yourself some Gurley's - they all look it to me, but I'm not authority - Finally,us Canadians have a few Gurley's!! We were both lucky on the bag of junk this week, I couldn't believe finding a knee hugger either!!!

  6. Yep, you definitely found some Gurley candles! Those are in great condition too. I cannot believe those cards. The guy eating the hot dog? DYING!!!


  7. You found Gurleys! I love them and they are in such great condition! I love the knee hugger and Lefton planter, too. Great finds this week! Hope you have a great week.

  8. My gosh, the eighties. What WERE we thinking? Well, I was a kid so at least I can't be accused of finding those guys sexy. ;)

  9. Just love the little deer and all the candles - and the birdies are absolutely too cute.