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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Wanted Wednesday: Tales From The Crypt


I've had some free time lately without a computer (but now I'm using my BF's computer, which is an ACER piece of garbage), so I managed to actually do something with the stuff that lurks inside my home. 

The frames are snap lock & are from Germany - found them in the trash a couple years ago. They had Tom of Finland sketches in them (repros, I assume)... I just flipped 'em over & put the $10ish shipped set of postcards on top. Have to get the man of the house to drill them into the concrete wall, or whatever he's gonna do to get them up there. 

Can you believe these shoes only cost $39.99 (in Canada) at the most expensive place that sells skate clothing? I have a hard enough time finding my size of shoe on regular price shoes (everyone seems to be my size) & never, ever have I found my size of shoe priced at last pair price in a shop. So surprised!

on to... 

I was searching eBay, bored outta my mind at work, these are hilarious pop culture vending machine prism stickers - I'd love to ad them to my collection!!  

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  1. Love the Crypt Goodness! And those cards deserved to be framed. I'm having similar computer craziness being forced to exclusively used a laptop I'm not used to. Everything takes many, many times longer to do, augh! Hope you resolve your PC probs soon, feeling your pain over here.

    1. Hope you resolve yours too, Van!
      Gotta be worse for you since you do so much business online. :(

  2. Your framing project turned out fab. I remember my parents watching Tales from the Crypt when I was younger. I would sneak out of bed and watch it from the hallway and then proceed to scare the hell out of myself with every little noise I heard.

    Fancy shoes!


  3. LOL! My step sister and I used to watch it Saturday nights... it freaked the hell out of us!!

  4. We liked to watch Tales from the Crypt too. Now we are into all the ghost chasing programs.

  5. Love the results of your framing project! :)

  6. I have the exact same Tales From the Crypt cards! Minus the first one, I have a different one instead of that one, I remember getting them from a vending machine when I was a child at a toys r us store haha! I still have them in a card folder today, I've heard they are from 1994 which is only a year older than I am... I'm astonished! I would really love to know their true value if anyone knows possibly? It would be really helpful! :)