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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Wanted Wednesday: Top 5 Pyrex Patterns

Wanted Wednesday
My Top 5 Wanted Pyrex Patterns

 In no particular order...

(image care of right here. thanks.)

1. Turquoise Gooseberry Cinderella Nesting bowls
442-444, JAJ
(I already have the 441!)

2. Pink Snowflake Space Saver. I guess JAJ?
A favourtie size of mine. I already have the one on the bottom. 

(picture from here).

3. Merry Christmas!

(pic from here)

4. Often mistakenly called a chip & dip, the Shamrock salad set. 

(pic here)

5. Since  already have the largest size, just need the 2 above to complete the pink Butterprint. The BF's grandfather has the full set, in mint condition... but won't part. He's a hoarder! I saw the smallest in Columbus, but dishwashered & turning brown for $25!

(pic from here)

6. Honorable mention while I was Googling images for this post.. I have never seen this colour of this pattern before. 

What are the most wanted patterns & pieces on your list?

Anybody want to trade anything for these? haha.
I have lots of Butterprint!!


  1. I want that same Christmas bowl!!!

  2. Oh my lord, I'd give by left arm for that Gooseberry set! And the Christmas I wants that too...

  3. I'm not a Pyrex collector, I find it and sell it in my booth, but seeing all the great colors and patterns makes me want to start a collection. I especially love the Christmas bowl!

  4. I want the Christmas bowl too!!

  5. Oh that salad set...damn it if I don't love me some kelly green.

  6. The Christmas bowl for me too, Eyes, I didn't know that was called a salad set, thanks for that!

  7. Ditto on the Christmas bowl!! Love Eyes and Dots too:)

  8. I am going to take your wish list and rename it "Erica's Pyrex Wish List". Especially the turquoise Gooseberry. I would die and probably go broke if I ever found it.


  9. I need the smaller of the dark blue bowls to complete the gooseberry set and I need the largest pink amish casserole to complete that set.

    The other night I got beat out of bidding on the butterprint, but I wasn't paying $50 for the dish.

    The blue gooseberry is by far my favorite. I'm a huge fan of the JAJ Pyrex.

    1. Too weird - you need the 2 pieces I have to complete my sets! Hope we get to see some completed pictures once you do complete your sets.

  10. i've never seen the pink butterprint! i need some!

  11. My wish list would be to find some Christmas Pyrex and I did not know about the Pink Butterprint it would be on the list to there's so many things in Pyrex I would like it would take to long to list it all.

  12. I think your list is the same as mine! I want the Christmas bowl the most. It is almost like an urban legend! I love the JAJ Pyrex and the shamrock bowls are da bomb!

  13. I sooooo want the Merry Christmas! Love it. I didn't know there was a turquoise gooseberry!