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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

eBay Buy: Vintage Napkins & More!

eBay Buy:
vintage napkins & more... 

I got my first set of 1960's napkins last Thursday, entitled Nipkins (you can see 'em here). I'm a man obsessed. I only have some early '90s - The Hulk & Double Dragon as well as a set of last 70's or early '80s owl napkins (Welcome to Our Home, I think). Since I don't see many older napkins, I did what any sane collector would do in my situation - I took it to eBay... where I had some luck! 

I've wanted Eggbert & Eggberta napkins ever since I saw them on someones blog. I didn't know 3 packages existed, in addition the the napkins I'm scoring a neat ashtray as well as all these Eggbert & Eggberta matches. 

I'm not quite sure what to do with these match sets. I want to keep them because of the age, I mean, they have been around so long, should I be the one to destroy them all to light candles? Suggestions? I would stick 'em in the storage locker until they needed to come out (booth/finally get a home). 

Here are the other very neat napkin sets! I won't get them until American Thanksgiving, so until then, they will be sitting awaiting my arrival in Columbus. Can you believe shipping was $75 to Canada (probably $20 charge from UPS, too), but only $16.50 in the USA? All this cost $41 shipped. I think it's pretty decent score, no? 

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  1. I always ask about the postage when I see something crazy like that, that just doesn't make sense at all.

    Love the matches - I collected matches way back, too bad I parted with them...

  2. You are a man obsessed! I think you got a great deal. I hate how expensive shipping is to Canada!

    If the covers of the matchbooks have cute graphics, you should put them in a big glass jar and display them somewhere in your home. Bet the BF will love that idea!


  3. So good that you could scratch your itch with a goid deal. I'm a little bent about the cost of shipping to Canada. I priced something from my etsy shop for a girl in Toronto. $55!!!! And it was small! What the crap is that about?
    I have one set of napkins that have songn lyrics written on them. I'm not a napkin collector, but I must say they are pretty cool.
    I love all of yours! You'll have to do a special post so we can see all the graphics and funny sayings.

  4. Yup, if I hadn't found out that I could have stuff shipped to my cousins house with her address added to my account, I would have tried to see how much without the matches!