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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Thriftasaurus (A Thrift Haul Linkup!)


Uh, so sorry Linky Tools deleted all my past linkups because my I guess my subscription was over (thought they might send me an email instead of doing that...), so sorry about last week being cut short. I'm going to be going with inlinkz instead since they haven't cut off my one free thumbnail linkup from a long, long time ago. But... I was saving the money I made from eBay to pay for the inlinkz & guess what? Boyfriend spends ever last penny in the account minutes before I go to pay for it. I was specifically keeping it in there until Saturday night so my subscription would last longer... a serious GRRRRRRRRRRRR! So no image linkup this week, sorry.

Probably the dirtiest thing I've ever bought at the thrift, this 1980's stuffed Pac Man for $4. I plan on tossing it in the washer when I come home from Christmas, see how it turns out. Pour some oxy on that. You should have seen the look of dismay on my BF's face when he came into the store & saw me carrying it around. 

Vintage cards seem to be everywhere lately! I've probably added over 100 to my collection in the past 2 weeks after not finding anything worthy in a suuuuuuper long time. Here are some more, Mr. Bean, Ren & Stimpy, Charlie Brown, other vintage... also some Garfield & other things in there not pictured. 

Some Pyrex has hit the shelves:
my first butterdish - Butterfly Gold, $2 (mint, too)
Spring Blossom Green 
Federal bowl (always pick up these circus themed Federal bowls) 

The Delphite fridgie (my 6th..) is chipped, lidless, I didn't need it... Isn't the mug fab? My BF told me I need to drink more tea. I told him, I need a new mug to drink more tea.

I guess that's it for this week! 
I wasn't going to decorate my tree this year, but finally found some bulbs.. I don't even know where half my vintage Christmas stuff is (sad, especially because I live in an apartment), so it's mostly just new stuff around the tree. The bulbs were $4 at Goodwill. They do the job. 


I don't remember where I got this picture from (wish I could credit the person), but this is my dream tree - I love it! 

Spring Blossom Green for trade. I have too many of them.
Charlie Brown cards anyone? 

Can't wait to see what everybody found!
Thanks for linking up everybody &


  1. I never come across these circus theme bowls... made by Federal. I have constantly looked for them to buy. Even in the antique malls. Nothing.

    It bugs me that some of the really cute vintage glassware, is just not really plentiful around here. And it never shows up in the thrift stores.

    1. Well, it's extremely rare to see Kromex, Fire King bowls (nice onces), Jadeite around here. Lustroware rarely turns up & have never seen Jadeite in a thrift.

      So weird how things differ. Federal circus themed bowls are extremely plentiful in antique markets & occasionally find them in thrift stores.

  2. Great cards! I have quite a collection myself. Love the puffy stickers!

  3. Love the tree, the cards, everything- especially the beautiful Pacman!

  4. Pyrex what can I say I love Pyrex your pieces are great and the silver tree reminds me of Christmas passes.

  5. that tiger mug and circus bowl are just too awesome! amazing finds!