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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Thriftasaurus: Happy New Year!


Probably like lots of you, I didn't do much thrifting this week. I went home for Christmas, worked extra shifts at work & spent lots of time with family. I got my sister to drive me quickly to the Windsor thrifts with my little home girl sidekick (my niece), but they were plenty picked, or just not full because of the holidays. My sister did give me a $10 gift card for Value Village. 

In Windsor, I picked up a New Kids on the Block sleeping bag ($4.99) & this vintage Pyrex Shenandoah 404 mixing bowl, not really my style, but the price was right & so was the condition, so maybe a trade or a resale or for the booth.

On Boxing Day, my dad drove me to Knightsbridges Antique Mall in Northville, MI.. place has a gigantic abandoned psychiatric ward next to it, picked up a few nice items, one I had to leave behind in Windsor because I couldn't carry it home. Pyrex 1958 promotional Golden Hearts casserole with lid & cradle & box. My second boxed Pyrex. My first with cradle. I don't have a pic of it, so.. gotta borrow! $15 (is that a good price..?). When I pick it up in May, I may trade it off. My other finds are still packed away, so I`ll post next week!

pic from here.

Happy New Year everybody! 

Would love to see what you`ve thrifted or gotten for Christmas, link up below!




  1. I'm jealous of the Pyrex casserole dish with stand nice find.
    Happy New Year.

  2. Loving the hearts pyrex & stand! $15 sounds like a good price to me!

  3. The Golden Hearts pyrex with stand is sweet! What a find and just in time for Valentine's Day!

  4. Happy New Year! That Pyrex dish is the best!

  5. the golden hearts print is seriously beautiful.