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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

WTF Tuesday #15!

Thanks to everybody who participated last week!
I probably won't be doing much thrifting over the holidays, so I will most likely be taking next Tuesday off - HAPPY HOLIDAYS - see you in 2012 for WTF TUESDAYS!

A plastic flamingo in a homemade tuxedo. A lonely womans/mans toy? Or someone who couldn't afford one of those damn ducks in the '90s that people used to have on their porch that they dressed up & bought clothes by the wicker basket fulls at craft shows?

These aren't supposed to fit into the WTF category, just wanted to post & say, so let me know if you think they are WTF fitting!
A new pair of kicks from Winners - $39.99, compared at (according to Winners) $90 - the eco-friendly, hemp, vegan "Grasshopper" antique white IPath shoe. What do you think? I've kept the receipt, just in case. I'm still not sure. I found a coupon for free Crest Pro-Health toothpaste while I was there too. Minty Fresh.


  1. Nice new kicks! As for the flamingo...just when we thought lawn decor couldn't be more tacky... enter the homemade tuxedo, ha ha.

    <3Jackie @ Let's Go Thrifting!

  2. It kind of looks like a puppet. Is it supposed to be a puppet? WTF indeed. (Not to mention the horrible whip stitching on the "cummerbund")

  3. I need to visit more thrifts in Ontario!

    That is a tackylicious flamingo!

  4. Good one Jackie.
    & thanks (about the shoes).

    monogirl - I never thought of it being a puppet. It very well could be. & I know, totally horrible, lol.

    Vonlipi. If you ever come to Toronto I want to be the one to bring you around! It's everyone for themselves once we get in the thrift though.