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Friday, December 30, 2011

Last Thrift of the Year! Goodbye 2011!

Today marks my last thrifting trip of 2011. Here are my finds.

Thrifty Things Friday!

From Value Village, this 1981 Smurfs keychain - 99cents!

Also 99cents, this New Kids on the Block pillow sham from 1990, Big Step Productions INC. Goodwill.

From another Goodwill I picked up these two albums. One titled "A Photo A Day: Your Year In Photos". I believe it has 365 slots (next year is a leap year, isn't it?) with spaces next to it to write the date & little tidbits of information. I am planning this as a project for the year 2012. I get one grace day. This album was $2.52. This particular Goodwill has enacted a "NO PRICE, NO SALE" rule, luckily, they sold me this without a price. The next album is a "Takeout Menu Organizer", very handy if I ordered out more often, but too neat to leave behind for $1.51. Never used & from 2007 from Knock, Knock. You can check it out on Amazon right here, but looks like it's no longer available. It's pretty cool! Might come in handy this winter.

Got two records, Soul Asylum - Hang Time & 10,000 Maniacs - In My Tribe. $1.51 each. Goodwill. Jeez, went to 3 Goodwills today!

When was your last thrift of 2011? What did you find?


  1. Love the Smurfs Keychain Sir! Soooo do you display them somehow or have them stowed in a drawer?

  2. I thrifted three times this week! Found my first member's only jacket today, along with a bunch of other items. Happy about the jacket, I'm thinking of keeping it for myself.

  3. I was so annoyed at VV this week, I found an amazing pair of perfect jeans , its so hard to find jeans, and of course some dummy ripped off the tag so when i wanted to buy them, they refused!
    So annoying, so theyd rather LOSE business by not selling me merchandise from their store.
    I'll stick with Talize from now on.

  4. Six - right now they are in a box! I had them on display (sorta) at my old place. I'm working on button my buttons (pins) on display, will have a find a way to display some wicked keychains!

    Yvette - You go girl! Multiple thrifting trip weeks are the best! Keep the jacket for yourself.

  5. c_mcarthur - I very much HATE when that happens. I bet this was at the same Value Village I found the Smurfs keychain. The one where Talize & Value Village are in the same plaza? The keychain wasn't priced & I wasn't going to take the chance on it being one of their "blanket" priced items, as some were priced & some were not, so slipped something out of a bag & the keychain into the bag - priced at the same price as the other keychains. May be against some peoples thrifting morals, but I didn't want to live without this keychain & there would have been no way they would have sold it to me if it wasn't "blanket" pricing.

  6. This has been one of my major pet peeves, the whole "No Price, No Sale" rule. Hello? Isn't the whole purpose of a store is to sell things? If it doesn't have a price, get someone right then and there to give you a price!
    Anyway, love the organizer and photo book! Thank you for being part of Thrifty Things Friday! I hope you have a fantastic 2012!

  7. yup the value village in mississauga thats in the same plaza as Talize

    I think im going to stop shopping at vv there.

    Oh by the way, my bf got me a vintage Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack vinyl record that he found at Talize for $1.50!!!
    thought youd appreciate that haha

  8. i have seen signs in two of our thrifts that say no tag no sale but I have bought something from the one that did not have a tag. I was purchasing some owl figurines that were alike so she just charged me the same as the one that was marked. Im not sure how strict they are with this policy. I know our GW will price it right there at the register. They usually call another person. The one ts I like only prices a few things. The other items are negotiable.

    I am going to try to do that one photo a day on my second blog

    I'll see how that goes but hopefully I can do it. Great finds

  9. Diann - NP, I love Thrifty Things Friday & I totally agree with you.

    c_mcarthur - Oh cool! I'm not to big of a Rocky Horror fan, but I have got the record too. It's fanning apart like mad, but it's there! I always forget about the records at Talize. All tucked in the front.

  10. beckyp - what kind of pics are you going to take? Pics of yourself or pics of things, nature? or just take a pic whenever the mood strikes? I've been pondering this in crunch time, lol, especially since I will have to pay for development here.

    The Goodwill's here are not as strict as the Value Village (never heard of the policy at a GW before), neither the Talize or Salvation Army's are either. Value Village is the worst, man!

  11. I don't think I've ever had it happen though, really at Value Village after once incident I had. I have seen it happen often. I love how they aren't even apologetic about it, they just say, "ya, sorry, if it doesn't have a tag, we can't sell it" & toss it in the cart with the other non-tagged items & either scan the next item the person has or if they don't have an item just leave them standing there. I wonder if they tick off a lot of people & loss out on future donations from them? Anyways.. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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  13. Modcloth has the newer version of that Takeout Menu Organizer by Knock Knock for $21.99! » Modcloth