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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Pyrex, Pyrex, Pyrex & More!!

Lots of Pyrex lately - that's great news!
Check it all out...

This 1 Qt Pyrex Verde was $4.04 with the lid in near mint condition from Goodwill in Etobicoke. This one is for trade! 1960's according to Pyrex Love.

Got this one today from Goodwill near my home. The one I visit daily. They have been marking up their prices on Pyrex, probably because they know I'm always in there buying them, $6.06. Pretty good condition. This is the first of Daisy Orange Yellow Sunflower Whatever... what is the official pattern name? 444 this one is, very good condition.

Early American, #474-B, mint $1.99. This one was sooooo dirty. The whole thing was yellowish brown, greasy, no wonder it was priced so low. They had another one, the one size bigger, worn out priced at $5.99, both lidless. This one was such a steal! Value Village, Victoria Park.

Crash Test Dummies sheets - two of them, don't even think they were used, for just a couple bucks! Too fun! From Talize in Mississauga. If you are too young to remember, or too old & forget, aside from a popular music group with no connection, the Crash Test Dummies were two dummies who were created as a Public Service Announcement to remind people in a creative, unforgettable way to wear your seat belt, with a great slogan to go along - YOU COULD LEARN A LOT FROM A DUMMY. BUCKLE YOUR SAFELY BELT. Does anyone know if one of the dummy voices was Garfield? Sounds awfully like him if it's not...

This mug, love it. Talize in Missisauga.

This Cabbage Patch Doll Stamper from 1990 in the package. Package is in horrible condition, but the stamper rocks. I think I'm gonna take it out of the package & put it to use. 99cents at Goodwill today! Don't find much there anymore besides Pyrex.

Thrifting in Windsor, Ontario tomorrow... hope it yields some amazing treasures!!



  1. What a cute barnyard animal bowl and I totally remember the Crash Dummies! :D

  2. Ha, love it! Nostalgia!! :) (Well, nostalgia re: the dummies and Cabbage Patch...I'm too young for the rest--ha!)

    Have a great weekend,

  3. I am loving these mugs you keep finding! They are so cheery.

  4. Great Pyrex finds. The one with the lid is a wonderfu find.Thank you for being part of TTF and have a fun day!