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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Major, Killer Thrift Score!

The pictures tell it all...

Took the bus with the bestie to Woodstock to visit the One of a King Antique Market & found some great bowls! I got the Gooseberry #444 (which is for trade), my first piece of aqua, it's labeled as a 411... & a beautiful polka dot Federal bowl for a mere $2 - $2 for a bowl at an antique market - this place rocks!

Also, this killer vintage metal Torcan fans are from there! I paid $20 & $25 each. They are nice & I'm proud to be their new owner.

On the way home a quick stop at the Cambridge Value Village had my heart skipping 3 beats when I spotted the full set of pink Pyrex bowls! Less than $12 for the set & great condition! Also these two killer mugs from Anchor, I swear that I have this same pattern from a different brand.

This hanging set of lemon salt & pepper shakers, chipped in a section & possibly missing something from it. Cute decor piece for $1.99.

These canisters. Oh my these canisters. I wanted a turquoise set sooo bad. This wasn't the set I was eying online, this one is even better - love the black lettering on the turquoise with the nice shiny lid. It's obviously missing one tin, but they still look amazing on my counter!!

Also from the One of a Kind Antique Market are these vintage Happy Birthday cards, they are really unique & I didn't mind paying $1 a piece for them.

And finally, this Pyrex Meadow promotional casserole #043. I've never seen it before yesterday, picked up at a new Value Village that opened 2 days previous in Mississauga - it's a big one (THE STORE!). Definitely love the colours, but not my favourite pattern. This baby is up for trade! Casserole itself is in EXCELLENT condition, with the lid. There is a 3cm issue (cracking?) with the lid. Contact me! Email in my profile!! (i trade: butterprint, pink, gooseberry, aqua & fridgies)



  1. Love the fans and great price! I saw one in on of the (generally) cheapo flea markets in Kentucky the other day and it wasn't so cheap: $230. It was a little bigger, but not nearly has pretty as those aqua babies!

    Love the Anchor cups too!

  2. What GREAT finds! total score on the fans and the Pink Pyrex!

  3. Wow!! What great finds. I'm jealous!

  4. K, so what's with Pyrex?! I see everyone bragging about it! And, those canisters are darling!

  5. YAY for aqua canisters and all the Pyrex was a steal, the prices have steadily been creeping up here at the flea markets/antique stores. Will you be using the fans or are they for decoration?

  6. Excellent score! Pyrex, fans, glass mugs, canisters! Well done!

  7. SO jealous of the mixing bowls! I am a major bowl hoarder!

  8. Leilani - I bought them to use them, but one may end up just as decor as I bought it for my kitchen for when we cook. The other is for the living room. The Gooseberry was $4.50 in the antique mall. It's $35 in a shop, in worse condition in the city. The guy from the the antique mall told me not only does it "pay to shop in Woodstock!", but a guy from the city comes there each month and spends $1,500-$2,000 for his shop.

  9. Gina - that is frickin' nuts!

    Tanyabell - is beautiful, practical & it's fun & addicting to collect!

    monogirl - thanks! I'm soooo happy with this lot of stuff.

  10. WOW! Amazing finds! Jealous that your pink bowl set is in better condition than mine - and cost less!!

    Those turquoise canisters are to die for. What a killing.

  11. Nice scores! I have a similar set of turquoise canisters I bought on eBay a few years ago. Mine have copper lids, but with daily use they're starting to wear and the paint is getting scratched. :( Yours look dynamite!

  12. Wow you found some amazing items for great prices. Enjoy.

  13. My Mum had those canisters in aqua (her favourite colour for a kitchen with orange accents)when I was but painted them avocado when we moved to a newer house. You must have felt in thrifting heaven with your Pyrex deals!

  14. Are those bowls pink? I am actually squealing. Love, love love them. What an excellent price.

  15. susanmarysunshine - they are pink alright. I secretly squealed too.

    Jenifir - totally was! Aqua with orange - she definitely had great taste. I love those two colours together.

    Tara Beaulieu - THANKS! & I was looking on eBay.. glad I found mine in the thrift!

    Cara-Mia - THANKS!!