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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sir Thrift A Lot in the movies!

Doesn't seeing an item you have in the movies just give you...


Me neither, but I was watching this movie the other day called THE WILLIES & atop the window sill near the sink laid a beautiful I Love You This Much statue that yours truly purchased from Value Village many months ago. Funny thing, I've seen this movie over 10 times.. first saw it when it was my choice of video rental as a child from Jumbo Video in Windsor. Afterward the movie became a joke between me & my step sister for years. I looked for the movie in shops & all over for quite a while afterward & oddly enough, after I moved to Burlington, Ontario from Windsor, I went into this shop called Liquidation World with my mother & the VHS was there used for $5! Nice.

Can you spot the similarity?

Here is the trailer if you'd like to check it out since I reckon many of you have never heard of the film before. The good trailer had embedding disabled on Youtube (stupid users who do that), so you'll have to do with an odd version of it..


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