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Friday, November 19, 2010

Hambuger Salt & Pepper Shakers!

Salt & Pepper Shakers!
(made in China)

Alright, so I've been thrifting, but also been sick, exhausted, feeling under appreciated in certain areas of my life, general feeling not to hot. I did get some thrifting done during the last month, with some neat finds. I've got some for you on Saturday, but here are 2 sets of salt & pepper shakers that I got from Goodwill. I have no clue whether a set was a hamburger & a sandwich.. or a sandwich & a sandwich & a hamburger & a hamburger. They are made in China, so they could be from Dollarama for all I know, but I do think they are cute. They all have their original plugs, too. 99cents for a total of $3.96!

Something that made me feel pretty good was when I was getting in line with the wife, a girlfriend says to her boyfriend, "AW! ARGH! I knew we should have grabbed those!" I told her there was another set, but they were in terrible condition.. she never got them. Days later when I was in the store with Aggie, I'm looking at the messy aisle & she heads over from her favourite spot, the CDS, passing the s&p shakers.. picking them up & telling me that she found something that I would like. Already got 'em, I said. Two pairs.

Here are the pics!


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