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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Peace guys! I hope everyone is groovy!

Both these pieces were found in the same store months apart. The kitty is missing something (probably a ball of yarn if vintage experience has taught me anything), but displayed correctly you can't tell! 

A couple things about me in the past year & a half...

I have become single. I threw out 39 bags of vintage goods in March when I was trying to save my relationship/engagement. Sold majority of my Pyrex collection, but most of it went to good homes! I have collected some nice pieces since. I didn't step into a thrift store for over a month! Whaaaa? 

I lost 100 pounds..
But put on 15 when I moved to Windsor.
I hurt my back & then my foot, so couldn't work out. I know, right?

& yes, I am no longer in Toronto. Thrifting up the Windsor Detroit area. Always a good time! Hope ya'll are good.

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personal: @uwillknowmebythelengthofmyname
(a lot of selfies, but will be posting more vintage shots when I move!)
shop: @shopsirthriftalot

Thanks for reading!


  1. There are many emotions rolling around in that post, but most of all, I hope you are doing well RIGHT NOW! us a good time!

  2. so nice to see you back ...i think weve all been having a weird time

  3. What a crazy life you have endured. Hoping calmer waters ahead for you and lots more vintage goodies for us!

  4. Good to see you back! Sometimes life just stinks. Sounds like you are working your way to the bright side. Love that kitty!

  5. I was so sad to read that tings didn't work out and that you were single. Oh well, it happens but I sense that you are a winner and a survivor and everything will be okay and that you will find love and happiness again.
    As much as I love finding and keeping treasures as you do too, I was glad to read that you got rid of a lot of things...we do walk a fine line, don't we?

  6. Oh man! That was quite the roller coaster ride! I missed reading your blog and I am happy you are back!

    Take care,

    Valerie x

  7. I always wonder why we can't be matched up with a person who loves collecting
    Buying and selling as much as we do??
    My husband gripped constantly to get rid of my stuff
    So we divorced and I still have my stuff
    Well some of it LOL
    Enjoy life and make your self happy
    No one else will

  8. Welcome back. We have all missed you.

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