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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Pyrex, Halloween & Keychains...

...oh my. 

Can you believe I scored this set of reverse primary, sans 404, for $9.50, taxless? I had bought the 401 a couple months ago at Value Village, had no clue what set it was too. Now, by next year, I need an Opal 401 for a candy corn looking Halloween set. I never decorated this year for Halloween. I'm a mess, lol. Christmas, definitely. I'll be there. 

I got a couple Halloween items today. There was quite a few cardboard guys in a bag, but I only appreciated this skeleton. Don't know how old it is. Not too old, but nice enough I suppose. Also a sealed pack of vintage treat bags! I also got about 25 used pens in this grab bag. You know... extra pens always come in handy. They seem to disappear surprisingly fast at work. I don't know why the thrift stores don't keep them for the office. 

I'm in love with little keychains like this. I found some a few years ago at the thrift store & one at an antique market in Columbus, but until a few weeks ago hadn't seen any. If someone doesn't buy them out, I might pick up a few more from the market next time I am there. They say they are from the 1970s, but I remember getting some in the 1980s? Whatever. 

Can you guys believe I finally got in trouble for having too much stuff around the house? We're going away next week & I was told if the stuff doesn't get put away we are not stopping no where & nothing is coming home. OH MY GOSH. & here I am blogging, not cleaning.

BTW... I am having an Instagram sale, here is a preview of some cards I will have. I was going to post a preview of some items today.. but I fell asleep. 

Tune in for my sale, with #novshoptilyoudrop at 7PM central, November 2nd - Sunday. & if any of my lovely blogging friends want to share my shop on their Instagram, it would really help, so feel free, lol.

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  1. I LOVE those keychains! I have a lot of shit around the house that I really need to get listed....just feeling lazy lately.

  2. i have fond memories of decorating with that style of cardboard cutout decor. it reminds me of school gym dances and taping them up in my parents front window. ahhh, nostalgia. ;)

  3. Those treat bags look so familiar, my Mom always used those, I think we had that bag!!

  4. Those treat bags are an awesome score! I just bought a ton of them last weekend. I need to figure out a really cool way to display them.