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Saturday, March 1, 2014



This was another week I didn't rock it too much. I had a thrifting trip planned out this week, but it didn't pan out the way I planned (does anything, really?). I found a few things at the first thrift, which did it for me. I'm in love with the ice bucket & the table runner. I don't know the area very well we were in, the BF does & I was trying to get a grasp on where he was going & he skipped over one of the thrifts on my list. I was a bit ticked off. 

My first buy all week were these vintage Daisy Lady glasses/tumblers. I bought them because I found them hilarious. I would have loved to meet the woman who had this set of glasses. I haven't been able to find anything like them online, if you know something, let me know. I am also looking to sell this set. If you are interested, let me know. I can't take a fab pic, but stay tuned.. give me a few weeks. I had planned on keeping them, but want to raise some money to buy the table I have my eye on.

Another ones of these, very adorbs! I can't not bring one of these home. 
If you are interested in purchasing this, let me know. 

Cute ass tea towel, no? I dogs. If I ever won the lotto (I do play - sometimes), I would open some kind of dog sanctuary..
I wanted this tea towel, but I think I may be selling it to pay for the table I want.

Anyways, I have 2 Christmas table runners in the same/similar colours & fabric. Now I have an Easter. FAB! Even the BF had nice things to say about it & that don't happen very often!

I bought these little NOEL choir boys that were in a grab bag. I had thought that one of these guys were the missing choir boy Erica from Pyrex Thrifter Sisters had broken... but, upon further investigation when I got internet access, it wasn't. This NOEL set isn't even that rare - I will still complete it though! Ambitious! & a Santa mug. 

It is an ice bucket, right? Not sure if someone changed their mind or the shelf putter outter thought it was a planter since I found it with the planters... when I'm in a rush, I usually don't check that aisle, but I am in the market for planters for Spring, but nope! Too hard to find something when your looking for it. You all know what I mean. 

Would you care to roar through the twenties again?
I went to my first estate sale.


I was on my way to the doctors office, which is 2 city blocks away & off my road was an estate sale sign. I went over. Always wondered what those houses looked like inside (pretty dumb). Not sure if the place was insanely, completely picked over by 9:30AM, but there was nothing there really. Some old postcards, I picked these 2 out for a quarter. I think the person was downsizing, I imagine old & can't climb the stairs anymore as each room was on a different floor & all the furniture was out of the house. 

* note, I am from Windsor, ON.. which is why I bought the postcard. 

If you are in Toronto & would like to accompany me to future estate sales, let me know! I need a friend like you. 

Anyways, hope you all had a satisfying thrifting week! Can't wait to see what you all have found. Have a great week. Join up below with your latest post with your second hand finds. 




  1. Those are some cute daisy tumblers you have there. Feel free to join the link-up over at Let's Go Thrifting!
    <3 Jackie

  2. love the choirboys , keep them saying NOOOO

  3. One too expensive flea market today. Same nice old sweet ladies selling things reasonably, rest of the many other sellers stuff was ok/nice/fine but too pricey for a reseller. Bought a bag of mixed wood/plastic spools from the sweet old lady for $5 which was good. She had stopped sewing and was clearing out her thread. Found a tasty bakery and bought a cinnamon bun. Cold, windy and fresh today. Thanks for Thriftasaurs.

  4. You found some really good stuff this week. I don't know anything about the Daisy Lady glasses, sorry, but they awesome.

  5. Thanks for thinking of me with those choir boys. I think I have the ones you found. The ones I have that I am missing the letter on are pretty rare. I have never seen them anywhere since I bought them. Love that ice bucket. Don't sell it! It's way too awesome.

    When you win the lotto, Hanna & I will volunteer with your dog sanctuary. We are both dog obsessed too and often talk about have a rescue or just a business where we pet and play with dogs all day.


  6. Love your finds this week, Estate Sales are my favorite places to find vintage wish you lived closer I would love to go to estate sales with you!

  7. Good luck raising funds for that table! I hope you're able to snag it!

  8. The ice bucket is great! You find some of the neatest glass items.

    Oh yes, I am nuts about dogs, I always have one that is my BABY!!!! 'Sugar cube' happened to make my recent post.

    Sorry about my long link name, the new link product won't let me edit it (sigh). Thanks for the party!


  9. At least you experienced an estate sale!!! I was at one here in Town the other year, what a joke it was!!! You just don't see them around here.

  10. Some great finds like the Daisy glasses and Christmas postcard.
    Have a great week.

  11. Love the pitcher cup and the orange dog towel, beautiful.

  12. wow love all your finds great picking

  13. The easter runner is extremely cute!

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