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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Sir Thrift-A-Lot in Rednesday

Sir Thrift-A-Lot 

My Rednesday items were made possible by Jill of A Little Bit of Everything! She picked up a piece of Glasbake recently
& if you follow my blog, you know I am not very fond of Glasbake casseroles & I started teasing her saying it starts with one.. Anyways, I've always wanted the Glasbake mugs, even though Glasbake pretty much disgusts me, but the Lipton Soup mugs are drop dead gorge. I wonder if someone from Lipton (or a thrid party) designed them instead of someone from Glasbake? I found the aqua one in a thrift store for 99cents & Jill was sooo kind to mail me a surprise gift of the white & red mugs! Not at all what I was expecting when she sent me something. I was smiling ear to ear all freakin' day. 

She also sent me this fab vintage cards, Made in Canada. 

Thanks Jill! 
Most of you know her, but if you don't, check out her blog below: 


  1. Jill rocks! So happy to hear that you received such fun mail!
    Erica :)

  2. Poor Glasbake... the ugly step sister of the Glass family.

    Though one of my favorite casserole bowls is made by Glasbake. I may take a new picture of it add it to my blog. :)

    1. LOL - love how you put it. Can't wait to see the pic of your Glasbake casserole.

  3. I'll admit, those mugs aren't bad. I had two sets of the blue with matching saucers that didn't even sell at my garage sale last summer!

    Jill is the best. Another reason I wish we weren't so dang far away from Canada.


    1. Wow, those probably would have been one of the first things to go here in Toronto! Butttt... we have tons of indie/hipster/retro/vintage lovers here.

  4. The mugs are cute! I like your Rednesday collection.

  5. That was extremely cool of Jill! The mugs are great but especially together!

  6. Great glassbake mugs I use to have 2 of them a friend bought them off me I'll have to show her your post.

  7. I know you'll give them a good home!