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Saturday, January 19, 2013


This week I did a major cleanup (major for me) & donated enough stuff to fill up the donation bin at the front of the store. We had an exterminator come in on Friday & I had the daunting task of emptying the closets, cupboards, everything around the baseboards... basically everything I've ever bought. So... I got to go through everything, boyfriend told me to "act like we're moving" & I guess it worked! The one downfall: I accidentally donated something. A 1980s Transformers sleeping bag. It has been in a bag behind the couch near the wall since I bought it in the summer. Behind the couch is the main part of the infestation. Even though I never touched it after buying it, even though it could be infested with bugs (since it sat next to the major part of the infestation), I can't help but miss it & feel extremely guilty & upset about donating it. This is the definitely the hoarder in me. I feel like the woman on hoarders who was crying because she had to throw away a pissed on doily covered in rat feces calling it her best friend. Oh well. We're going out next week to try to replace what I've lost. I went to wash it when we got home from the thrift store & it was gone. It was near the the door, where all the thrift store stuff was in the exact same bags.. I guess I picked them all up & off to the store it went!
Even though I was on the fence about throwing it out, but wasn't sure if I could live with it if I did, it still bothers me. I am totally that woman.

I didn't have bed bugs, we had silverfish (which are a problem in my building).

Here are my finds for the week: 

 $3.03 for the Tupperware spice canisters (great shape!)

$3.03 for this Butterprint. I really think the GW had the 471, 472, too. I could smell them. This one was still on the shelf because it looks like it had a fresh chip on the handle. I now have the full set, this chipped 473 will have to do until I can find one that isn't chipped. 

Lastly, this fantastic retro fabric!  

Thanks everybody for joining up for Thriftasaurus last week, can't wait to see what you've found this week!


  1. UGH! Sorry about the accidental donation! And thank God you don't have bedbugs!! But I imagine silverfish are a nuisance too! Hope they will all be gone now! Chances are the silverfish may have done some damage to the sleeping bag since they like to eat textiles, paper, etc. Hope you can someday find a replacement for the sleeping bag!

  2. I am loving that fabric-it is awesome.
    Accidentally donating the sleeping bag just means that now you're open to receive an even more awesome sleeping bag.Well,that's what I like to think when I lose/break something anyways.

  3. That's so sad about the sleeping bag. I was so jelly when I saw it in one of your blog post. I'm also sorry about your bug issue.

  4. I love those salt and pepper shakers. I have to take pictures of all of my finds because this weekend was full of great deals!

    The Joyful Thrifter

  5. I hope you find your jello cookbook. Maybe I'll be passing mine on eventually. I was going to look through it and copy some recipes down first. I'm sorry about your poor sleeping bag. We accidently donated wet suits one time since we sail catamaran boats. We had to chase them down and find them and get them back. Way too expensive item!! Have a good week.

  6. Oh, so sorry to hear about the Transformers bag :( It will make finding another one someday even better. I can sympathize too with feeling upset about it. I'm going though a lot of my vintage things because I have way too much...unfortunately, my desire to own every cool vintage thing I come across is not quite viable ;) My hubby was going to throw something out today (a piece of vintage ephemera that I wanted to use for an art project), and when I said I wanted it he looked at me and said "Seriously?!" Lol. I know to him it seemed like a scrap of some kind. Total hoarders moment.

  7. Can you go back to the thrift and buy it back? LOL And FYI, silverfish are a symptom of high humidity. They need 80% humidity to thrive, so maybe invest in a dehumidifier and keep things away from any vents that bring in fresh air. (See, I knew my Museum Science degree would pay off eventually! :)

  8. Great Butterprint Pyrex casserole dish and I love the fabric.

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