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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Looking to trade some Delpite Pyrex.

Looking to trade some Delpite Piecrust Footed Sherberts. I have 4 to trade. Mine are not as dirty as the ones pictured, no flea bites or chips. Made in Canada. 1940's. I don't know where they are right now, just want to see if there is any interest before digging them out. Please respond here or on my personal blog (link below) & I will reply to the email in your profile (or one you posted in the comment section)! Thanks!! 

I borrowed the photo from this eBay auction, where 4 are selling for $75.00. 

No interest in the following patterns: 
Forest Fancies, Old Orchard, Woodland, Autumn Harvest, Daisy, Spring Blossom Green, Homestead, Shenandoah, Snowflake Blue, Terra, Verde
& my turquoise Butterprint collection is getting up there.. but let me know what you have.
(will entertain offers on above if they are refrigerator dishes) 

I am located downtown Toronto near College Station. 
I will trade via snail mail depending on shipping costs. 

- Sir Thrift-A-Lot