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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Found 1970's Christmas Photos!

Who loves short shorts? That gnome sure does. I'm sorry, I'm not familiar with older photos - the date on the bottom, is that the development date or is that the date the photo was taken? If it's the photo date, would the camera automatically log the date or something? If it's the photo date, who still has their Christmas decorations up in April? I took mine down earlier this month!

The gnome one is my favourite. Found at Goodwill last week or something.

Found April 1972 Christmas Photos.


  1. The date posting is definitely something that was done at the development stage. Cameras were not sophisticated enough back then to contain a lithium battery and a memory chip or whatever it is we have now to generate the date.

  2. Yes, the date was put on when they were developed......

    We didn't take as many photos way back then---you might have had a whole year's worth on one film {like 24 or 36 photos...} unless a really spectacular event happened---like your cat having kittens or something........


    Love the gnome.

    I think I owned that chair on the right in your last photo.....................