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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Thriftasaurus #86!

Thriftasaurus #86

This has been a stressful, busy week for us at the Thrift-A-Lot house, so no thrifts were sought out, 2 happened, since we were in the area & we rarely go out that way.. since there isn't a point. One thrift has never yielded a thing, but I go there so rarely, I always think, "maybe it's just a bad day!" & I always do the, "you never know...", too. The second is hit or miss, lately it has been miss & I go to it more than the other (& this is in the past 5 years), however, it is always good for some vintage greeting cards! It didn't disappoint this time, either. All kinds of great ones!

These ones, though, were from a package I got on eBay. 

ugh. i hate the sun.

Some vintage black salt & pepper shakers... plastic.

Well, I had some more, but there seems to be technical difficulties & no more photos will upload, so another time. 

Can't wait to see what  you've uncovered. 

& HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! (another vintage card I found)



  1. Sorry you had a stressful week, hope this one is better :)

  2. The mothers day card is gorgeous! You guys always find some gorgeous greetings cards for sure. My antique mall has some amazing ones at a great price but I find them hard to sell so I leave 'em be for now ;p

  3. More great cards!!!

    Hope,this week goes more smoothly, I imagine it will be pretty hectic until you get moved!

  4. Moving (esp if you are a 'collector' as well) is a HUGE job. Hang in.

  5. Hope this week is better!

    FYI - I am the new hostess of Thrifty Things Friday (originally started by The Thrifty Groove). I would love for you to come link up - or maybe tell your readers about me :) AND thanks as always for hosting Thriftasaurus!

  6. So many goodies to admire! Have a better week this time around. Thank you for having us over.

  7. I hate moving good luck.
    Those salt & pepper shakers are neat.
    Thanks for the party.

  8. You always find the best cards.

  9. Awesome cards! I can't even imagine how large your card collection is. You always find so many good ones!

  10. that card with the pipe smoking guy in the middle is super! here these kind of cards are practically non-existent.good luck with the move!