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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Peace guys! I hope everyone is groovy!

Both these pieces were found in the same store months apart. The kitty is missing something (probably a ball of yarn if vintage experience has taught me anything), but displayed correctly you can't tell! 

A couple things about me in the past year & a half...

I have become single. I threw out 39 bags of vintage goods in March when I was trying to save my relationship/engagement. Sold majority of my Pyrex collection, but most of it went to good homes! I have collected some nice pieces since. I didn't step into a thrift store for over a month! Whaaaa? 

I lost 100 pounds..
But put on 15 when I moved to Windsor.
I hurt my back & then my foot, so couldn't work out. I know, right?

& yes, I am no longer in Toronto. Thrifting up the Windsor Detroit area. Always a good time! Hope ya'll are good.

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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

10 Vintage Dogs Having More Fun Than You!

10 Vintage Dogs Having More Fun Than You!

Okay, I get it, in reality it's really vintage photos OF dogs, but still, however you describe  it, they are living life to the fullest & having way more fun than you!

#1.  This tricycle riding pooch. 

#2. This adorable pup who loves to dress up, "AYE AYE CAPTAIN!"

#3. While you're too busy snapping selfies & worrying & about which one makes your left nostral look fat, this pooch is chilling in front of the tube catching up on the coms after a busy day. 

#4. & you're biggest worry is if you have enough time to get a muffin before work...

#5. This dog is so damn chill, it's got a baby owl on its back. A BABY OWL.

#6. Someone is turning one...

#7/#8. This is what dogs did before Pokemon Go.

#9. This pooch has #goals. #lifegoals. He's playing soccer & you're going to go to the gym on Mondays. Because Mondays are the best time to start the gym.