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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Thriftasaurus 101


I won't be posting any finds this week. There was a death in my family & I am not in the mood, but I wanted to post Thriftasaurus because I love seeing everyone's finds every week & hopefully people like coming here. I might not post next weekend, sorry, but everyone have a good week.



Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Vintage Postcards

Vintage Postcards

Sharing some vintage postcards to join up with Dawn's History & Home Link Party @ We Call It Junkin.

You all know I'm a vintage card hoarder, but postcards aren't something I am usually into, but I picked these ones up in when I went to Antique World the other weekend. I'll tell you about that soon. I only really looked through them to find vintage pitbull ones, but to no prevail. If you ever find any, let me know!!

These were both send in the early 1900's, back when it only cost ya a cent to mail a card & all you needed was a name, city/town & state! 

"Wishing the Children A Merry Christmas"
The Pink of Perfection, The Fairman Co, Cin, & NY.
This one is postmarked December 1913. 

"Wish They'd Bring My Milk" 
The Rhotograph Co. NY City, 1906
This one is postmarked August 15th, 1908. 
* yes, Rhotograph, not photograph

I bought the dog one to sell, but don't mind keeping it if it doesn't.  We think we know what kind of dog is it, but not sure. Do you know? I heard real photograph postcards can do really well depending... & this seemed it had potential. I heard there were some great bidding wars on them.