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Monday, April 14, 2014

Pyrex Collectors: What's Your Rarest Piece?

Pyrex Collectors
It's bragging time - what's your rarest piece? 

Since I have acquired this piece, I haven't seen it for sale. Just recently it was up for sale on eBay in the United Kingdom. The piece is the coral red snowflake space saver. Surprisingly I picked mine up off the shelf at Goodwill a few years ago when shelf Pyrex was more plentiful in the area. I assure you it was only on the shelf because it was priced at $16.01. 

It's also pretty safe to say that if the seller was able to ship to USA/Canada the piece would have sold for higher. I need to stop telling my boyfriend how much things are worth. He bothers me to sell, sell, sell

It's a JAJ piece & did you know that I am now just finding out that JAJ means "James A. Jobling" & this piece is from the Gaiety line. Gaiety has to be my favourite line/pattern of Pyrex.


(i get a lot of people who ask... just thought I would say in advance!)
  So, with that revelation, fellow collectors, I'd love to know - what is your rarest piece?

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Thriftasaurus #82


Good evening thrifters! How was your week in thrifting? Garage sale season start yet?

I went to my favourite church sale this week - arriving 70 minutes early to be the 40th person in line. According to the guy & his wife in front of me, there were 4 dealers at the front doors. Shit, eh? Next time, it's 2 hours early? Anyways, even with being 40 minutes early, I was first to arrive to the kitchenware table. I picked up the Jadeite shakers & a Verde divided (not pictured), the beautiful made in Japan ice cream scoop & the egg things, which were a nickel each. I think now, are they really me? The Pyrex, I have 4 of these, Verde was once my favourite. I bought this, I believe, only so no dealer would have the satisfaction of getting to buy it for a low, low price. Everything was $3.50. I paid with a $10 & left it at that. Charity. Next stop was the stationery table, nada. Nada anywhere else, too. That's OK - thrifts await! I looked for the old woman who was there a year ago, she had said she would bring some more vintage cards, but I missed the fall sale. She wasn't there. I could have missed her in all the chaos, but my morbidity took over & all I could think of is that she passed away. Also, some bitch yelled at me in the linens section. To exit the linen section it's about a foot wide & 3 feet long.. so only one person at  a time. We both got there at the same time, I let her go first. She stops to look at more linens, so I say very politely, "excuse me, sorry, can I just pass by?" Chick freaks! If I wasn't on a buy high, I could of boxed her. People really need to cool their jets. 

What do you think? My third & fourth piece of Jadeite in the wild. My only on the shelf thrift store find - I broke inside the store! Almost died. From the amount of grime caked onto these when I found them (it was nail scraping good), I don't think they are repros, but I don't know anything about Jadeite. The lids are in such great condition!

This cat figurine with the yarn is to. die. for. It was 99cents. I can't believe how cute it is. I don't really find figurines cute enough to bring home anymore, but jeez, I can't get over this one. Also a cute set of salt & pepper shakers. The whiskers are kinda trashed, but they have all their diamonds. Great display pieces either way.

Suitcases aren't me, but I loved this one. I wanted to buy it to resell it. What should I price it? It is in fantastic condition without that vintage smell. When I undid the zipper, the coldest/oldest air came out. So weird! 

 Pyrex! I don't have this Horizon Blue (at least I don't think) & I really bought this for the lid. Did this casserole come with a clear lid as well as a decorated lid? 

I picked up a grab bag with no name crayons & this box of Valentines. I was convinced they were all inside & if they weren't, was going to use the box as a display piece (I like the side of it best). I was disappointed when I sat down at Harvey's & first opened it up - not what I expected! Good, fun stuff (other stuff not pictured that was OK...) & one of my favourite paper/card/ephemera finds ever!

& this. The best find ever! 1956 Selcraft Products, USA.

I had to call it quits again this week. A 7am wake up call isn't me. When I don't sleep I go all Snickers. It was also going to be a 6 day work week. Next week, another 6 day work week! I know, right? Week after - on my way to Ohio! Can't wait to see what you picked up this week. 

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