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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

5 Fire King Things To Own Before I Die

5 Fire King Things 
To Own Before I Die

I recently got the book "Anchor Hocking's Fire King Identification & Value Guide" by Gene Florence for I think $3. There wasn't much FK items in there that I wanted that I didn't already know existed, but still enough stuff to drool over.

Here are some FK things I need to own before I die...

This candle warmer set! This is one thing I had never knew existed until I saw this book. Very stylin'!

I have 1 black polka dot, but I need the whole set. Also need the whole red set. I have one tulip, found at Salvation Army 5 years ago (mint condition).  

I also need the black grease jar. The picture in the book is driving me nuts though.. looks like the lid is on wrong! 

I found out these existed on Instagram (I think) a week or so before getting this book. I need them. With the box. 

Umm.. the rainbow shakers, the red polka dot shakers & the black shakers! I have 1 rainbow shaker, that's it!

What's on your Fire King list, or do you not collect? I want the Gazelle bowl the most, but I didn't see it in this book... 

Monday, January 26, 2015

Thriftasaurus #118

Thriftasaurus #118

Greetings fellow thrifters! How was your weekend? Can you believe I am still sick? I can finally feel it start to leave my body, but it's now been over 3 weeks. Seriously!

On that note,  not much thrifting has been going on around here! A couple stops, but not to much coming home. I went out Friday & every dealer was out, dealers of all shapes & sizes, dealers I have never seen before & dealers I had convinced myself were dead because they used to be there every time I went,  but I hadn't seen them in over 3 months. There were 5 (obvious) dealers at just 1 store!

Just showcasing a few things this week...

I bought this hand desk note clip after seeing it for sale online. I missed snagging it, but found it cheaper, shipped, on eBay! I wanted it to clip my dog, Charlies, photo next to my bed. This is also the Valentine he has next to his urn. The Christmas knee hugger that watched over him this season has been packed up & the Valentines Day one is now there! 

I bought these 1980s pins off Instagram! Adore!

I also bought this tiny little knife from the thrift in a grab bag. My BF has a knife collection, so I got it for him. This looks like it probably came out of a bubble gum machine in the 80s, lol. 

& 36 yards of vintage Chenille bump pipe cleaners... trade anyone? 

That's really it! I do have some more stuff to show off on Saturday though!! Hope to see you then for another Thriftasaurus! I now have a new laptop, so I can be more active online. Have been basically using my phone for a yearish... it can get exhausting!

Link up below, can't wait to see your goodies.