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Monday, September 5, 2011

WTF? Tuesdays!

WTF? Tuesday!

I've decided to create a party, a weekly party. I really hope it catches on & others take part! I love to see the items in the aisles that make you shudder, the ones you have nightmares about, the ones you think, "who in the hell bought that in the first place & why do they think someone would by it again?" or better yet, "who in the hell bought this in the first place & why the hell am I buying it again?" Your horrors. Your messes. Thrift store shame. The things nightmares are made of.

So let's begin...

1. Please include a link back, hopefully including a button.
2. No adverts for your store please! Shall be deleted.
3. Do not include thirft store shoppers (EX: this is not a "People of Wal-Mart" party).
4. If it's not "work safe", please include the the abbreviation "NWS" in your title when adding to the party.
5. I am not responsible for nightmares.

"Wherever I go I think of you", as a man sits on a toilet with a look of distress on his face. How sweet.


  1. O, this looks like fun! I can definitely find a wtf for the next go-around! :)

  2. I will have to remember to bring a camera next tiem I go. There are plenty of items at my local ts that would be great for this. I was going to buy this huge art class owl this morning but my sis talked me out of it. When I had my son go back it was gone

  3. Love it! I'll definitely be looking to participate! I can't wait to show off some horrors!

  4. ps. please tell me you bought that leg. I'd have brought it home just to horrify my boyfriend. hehe!

  5. This is a great idea for a party. That leg table is just damn creepy. I want to join up for future parties. I need to start taking more pictures in the shops- I'm always afraid someone's going to yell at me and make me stop, lol!

  6. I love this idea! (I suspect you knew I would.) I want to hear more about that leg too!

  7. forgot the r in the link Should be Sherlock I think I am going back to get it lol

  8. The elk leg thingy is horrific. Do you think the Oddities people would buy it cheap? Great idea. I'll keep my camera handy.

  9. Gina - can't wait to see what you find! Miss your posts, you're not blogging to often!

    Flo - awesome! I left the leg. My boyfriend has put one limit on what I can bring home - no dead animals or pieces of dead animals. I'll listen to him... for now!

    monogirl - definitely knew it! Didn't get the leg, but I did imagine myself resting a Diet Pepsi on it.

    Toronto Yardsaler - it is horrific & there was like gobs & gobs of glue gluing the wood to the leg. I don't know if they would, lol, they tend to buy nicer things.

    Can't wait to see what everybody finds next week!

  10. Tara Beaulieu - I have the same fear, lol. When I'm with my friend I usually get her to take them.

  11. Hi, mine wasn't in a thrift store, but I had to share!

  12. This is awesome. I already have my item to share next week. It's a weird one!

  13. This was a laugh-out-loud post :)