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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Help Please! (Plus: Turquoise, A Chair, Plates & More!

First things first, I need some help!

First two items:

Any clue identifying a maker on these? All I got is that they are Made in Holland, which you can see in one of the pictures. They are pretty neat & I would eventually like to offer them for sale in my Etsy shop (which should open by the end of the summer). If they don't end up selling, they would still be a perfect addition to my kitchen!

Secondly, these plates. I've seen the cups for sale once on eBay & there are also a few plates currently for sale. When the mugs were for sale they were labeled "OWL", which might have helped with their sale. You can view the making on the back. Another item I would like to add to my Etsy shop. What is the value of this brand of plates, especially this design? I do quite enjoy the design, but it's not for me. I would like to know more about the maker as well, so if you have any info pass it on!

Onto my recent finds..

This week has been full of 50% off sales. I love to stay away from those. They get absolutely insanely crazy in the city & by the time I make it there the place is torn apart! I went to Goodwill yesterday & actually happened upon on unexpected, unadvertised 50% off sale. I was shocked! & I actually found something I fell in love with... this 1950's turquoise kitchen chair! So sturdy! The vinyl is in such great condition, feels absolutely fantastic & it only cost a boy $3.03! It was a bitch to carry home though. My usual 10 minute walk turned into a 25-30 minute walk.

In the background you'll notice my beautiful display case I paid $17.99 for. I've been looking for once of these for quite some time. I was so excited to find one! It just barely fit into my bestie's backseat to.

& what would an update be without Pyrex?
#043 Spring Blossom Green casserole, no lid $4.99
it seemed like the people who previously owned it, cooked out of it, then donated it, lol




  1. Neat old chair!! Love the Spring Blossom!

  2. Love the chair! I've been known to dig through garbage and bring my finds on foot; like a big table! This is the sign of a true thrifter! LOL

  3. Ha! Ha! Ha! What a great story-I can imagine what it must have been like to carry that chair home! And every time you see it that's what you will think of-but by the looks of it-WOW! It was worth it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing!

  4. The pottery is amazing! I have no idea regarding the maker, but you might want to check with Dana from the Mid2Mod blog, she might have a good guess anyway.

  5. I love your chair That is the style I am looking for. Instead my hubby got some ugly vinyl green chairs :-( I would love to buy your owl plate so when you get your etsy store, if the price is right, you may have your first sale

  6. Thanks everybody, I love the chair so much!

    & discodiva1979 - people kept saying stuff to me about the chair, but I couldn't hear them - had my MP3 player on, lol.

  7. Flo. Thanks!
    I might give her a holler shortly. Hopefully she can help.

  8. beckyp, will let you know when the plate is up! I've got 2! Wish I had picked up the mugs when I saw them.

  9. OMG There were mugs!! and you did not get them? are you insane :-)

  10. I love your finds but, am of no help identifing them. That chair is awesome. And it looks like it is in really good condition! Thank you for joining TTF and have a fun and thrifty week!

  11. I saw an identical Spring Blossom casserole dish with lid at a thrift store today!!! Kicking myself that I did not buy it!! Might be making a trip back to get it! They only wanted $2.99 US $.

  12. Oh and I own 4 chairs in the same style as your blue one!! They used to be my Grandparents kitchen chairs, but I inherited them. They still have their original white vinyl (sorta yellowed from age)seat and back coverings on them. They are used around my dining room table.

  13. Joyce - you're so lucky. I think now that I have one, I'd kill for 3 & a matching table!

    Did you go back for the Spring Blossom? It was definitely a great price.