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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Vintage 1974 1 Year Diary

Today was a terrible snowy day in Toronto, last week people were sporting short sleeves at one point & today, back to winter jackets, hats & boots. Perfect time for thrift. Since I also find thrifting therapeutic it was another perfect time. I got a wonderful letter from Canada Revenue today stating they reassessed my 2009 taxes & I owe them $652.38! & I owe them again for last year, even after getting taxed almost 12% of my pay. I guess free health care comes in handy when you actually are sick & actually do need expensive testing. All items found at Value Village.

Anyways, not much in the way of finds, only thing I'm loving is this little vintage journal, err, 1 year diary. So small, could fit in my palm.

I'm not much into Holly Hobbie, I know it sorta looks like this, is this Holly Hobbie?
1974 Dan Dee Imports Inc., New Jersey Made In Hong Kong
$2.99 in a bag with the Cuddly Cuties memo pad below & other unmentionables
(Cuddly Cuties memo pad - 1994 - Frank Siteman - Photo)

Other finds:
99cents for the photo tin*|
$2.99 for the World Industries Stomp Pad

* finance dented it on the way home...


  1. The diary is cute but not the official Holly Hobby. Still a few great finds for sure.

  2. Holly Hobby is adorable! I loved your blog as soon as I saw your banner! HOW CUTE! ♥

  3. I love Holly stuff! I guess I don't know it when I see, but when I see it, I love it.

    Have I been spelling it wrong this whole time?

    & thanks Lavender Dreamer!

  4. I had 1 exactly like this in 2nd grade. 1976.