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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Coke Rewards Codes.. Free!

A fellow Canadian blogger made the trek to the US to grab some Cherry Coke. She noticed that I post the codes for my readers to use as I have no use for the codes when I go grab myself some cherry coke, so she sent me an email & passed them along.

So, please post when you have used them. You don't need a blogger account to post. Thank you.

Also, please visit her (c_mcarthur) blog:
More Than You Thought You Knew

It's the next day, OK, I forgot to post the codes... so here they are.



  1. yay thanks for the shout out, but u didnt post the codes LOL :P

  2. LOL!

    That's what happens when you post on no sleep.

    I'm going to do it now.


  3. are used but would you all mind following my blog at

    i would love it if you'd put a shout out to your blogging group that i exist :)

  4. Wish someone had the decency to post when they used the codes. BOO!

    Thanks for letting me know you used them! I'll check out your blog. : )