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Saturday, March 5, 2011

All this for $3.45

I know a place, I'm sorry, I keep it a secret. The place is a secret, the prices are insanely reasonable, the place is an old warehouse & they have everything from Pyrex to the kitchen sink, even that irreplaceable bathroom toilet. They don't discriminate mug pricing, a Pyrex mug, A Federal mug, a Glasbake mug.. all 25cents. They have vinyl, 10cents, others are 50cents. The place is a tad unorganized, but it's a small price to pay & the place can sometimes be a goldmine. This is a place you should only visit every 3-4 months. Anyways, $3.45 for the lot!

New Kids On The Block McDonalds promotional Magic Summer tour cup - 10cents
Jaws 1975 promotional drinking cup - 10cents
New Kids On The Block 'Step By Step' cassette - 25cents
Kill Kitty journal - $1
Niagara Falls Made in Japan souvenirs - $1 each

A big negative of this show is they often write in PERMANENT MARKER on some items including Pyrex - W.T.F!?

Two of my favourite items are vintage Niagara Falls souvenirs & as you should know Made In Japan items, the following fall into both categories, one has that nasty permanent marker I was speaking about on the bottom.

Have been in Windsor this week, went to Detroit yesterday, let me tell you Mexican Town is not my friend...


  1. A friend told me that toothpaste works to get permanent ink off her thrifted finds. At least it's not as bad as when they put sticky labels on paper items (like vintage cooking pamphlets).

  2. Good finds. I hope you get the permanent marker off.

  3. Thanks for the tip Leilani!
    & yeah, sticky labels on paper items, can't stand it either.