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Monday, July 14, 2014

Thriftasaurus #95!


Hi thrifters! I've been working up a sweat this week - literally. I believe I even suffered heat stroke & was ready to pass out in the thrift store. I dragged myself into one more (glad I did) & then had to hop on the bus & take my ass home. I was ready to vomit, then collapse. I have a haul I am proud of this week - all thrifted. 

All bought all these glasses to resell. I just might open an insta-shop. They seem like fun. My sales would only take place every quarter, whenever I go to the states as I probably wouldn't sell a lot since shipping for larger items is OUTRAGE to the USA from Canada. 

These are vintage, made by Federal. Don't really photograph well, but I learned when offering them for sale you can put food coloured water inside!

I cannot believe this was at the thrift store according to the tag for about 72 hours. This store is stalked by the dirtiest, sleaziest dealers I have ever seen, too. I won't go into detail, just trust. They are sleazy. Good Pyrex moves through this place, I can tell by all the dishwashered stuff. I found a few nice things, too. Nothing extremely rare, but nice enough. Anyways, it was grimy, maybe that's why? They afraid of the tiniest bit of work & will only buy shelf ready items? $3.

April angel. I never go to this store, so surprised I found something! It's always picked over to crap & you're usually picked through literal garbage. Love her basket of Easter eggs. I've got the February angel. 

OKAY. This t-shirt was too hilarious not to buy. I don't know if I am going to keep it, I might sell it. There was one on eBay at one point like it for $148, don't know if it ever sold. This one was never worn (at least never washed - so it looks). 

Cuuuuttteeee... & close up on the cat is a must!

I bought these napkins. I would love to know more about them. Does anybody know anything about them? German, I know! But.. what else

"For the most important thing in life."

Now's the time. If you thrifted & you blogged about it, link up below & let us know what fabulous things you picked up!


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  1. A bit of memories in my post with some family treasures (and I firmly believe that Mom thrifted the blue birds on the branches) because she was an amazing thrifter.

    Thanks for Thriftasaurus No. 95.


  2. I love that OJ shirt...hahaha!
    Find me if you hook up on Instagram.I seems that people who sell on instagram do really well. I haven't tried it yet.

  3. Your OJ shirt is hilarious and angel adorable. I can't imagine lugging all your breakables to the states though. Do you normally stay for a long time?

  4. Hard to believe it's 20 years since we were all glued to the tv watching that white Bronco!!

  5. Is that a fish? It reminds me of the blue birds. It's so cute! Thanks so much for hosting the party!


  6. Is that a Lefton Bluebird fish?! Amazing.

    Sell the shirt!


  7. The napkins are promotional freebies from a german health insurance company (BKK). Though I've never seen those napkins here in Germany - and I'm a client of said company. ;)