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Saturday, August 24, 2013



Hello fellow thrifters, hope everybody has had a good week. I picked up a few items, didn't do very well considering I went into 13 thrift stores this week & 2 antique markets, but I guess you win some you lose some. Although it's silly, I can't help be bothered by it. 

Last week, I found a full box of vintage Valentines, I was lucky enough (a week later) to come across another box of the exact same ones! Just incase you don't believe me... 

I did get a lot of compliments on this set of cards, if any other card collectors are interested in trading for them, please send me an email (my contact is in my profile). I am open to other trades besides cards - just take a look around my blog, see what my interests are.

Picked up a few more items in the card area, two vintage die-cut Valentines, one mechanical (clown) & the other is dated 1945. They were $1 for the lot. Some cat woman invitations from 1991 & some Cards by Kay & one lone Rust Craft.

These Pac-Man magnets are pretty neat. I believe they are from the cartoon show... that would make them not so common. 

I will admit it. Growing up, I was a HUUUUUGE Marilyn Manson fan. Not the biggest I've ever met (one guy had 20+ Marilyn Manson tattoos & met the band one day & they all signed his body & he got it tattooed the next day). I had always wanted this particular shirt, made during Manson's height of popularity, but could never find it.. this was back before I had the internet. Well, unworn. Lucky, I guess. I always find it weird that there is always just one band shirt out of like 400 shirts. Or one vintage shirt. 

Some Snowflake Pyrex (the bottom one, JAJ). The black space saver, some Toronto shoppers may have seen it, but I couldn't pass it up for a couple bucks & the metal lid. I've coveted one of those metal lids for some reason for awhile & it would work perfectly for display mode, too! One my way to completing.. got the black, was just put away.

I don't collect Coca-Cola stuff really, just these really neat cans.. I guess they are from the 1980's? I got two more (the ones in the middle). I'm very excited. There are still more out there to complete my collection. 

This is just a hilarious piece of 1990's nostalgia for me (hopefully you too!). Remember these bracelets? The rings (which were rarer?). I bought a bag of junk for $2 & this was unknowingly in there. I am currently teasing my boyfriend with it. 

That's it for me, can't wait to see what you've dug up this week!


  1. My blog does have some thrift stuff on it sometimes, but not this post. I went to the goodwill today, I could not believe they did not have a book in their store. I fact, I'm finding fewer and fewer...What is up with that?
    I did find the cutest little china poodle from Japan in perfect condition. But like you ,I did not find much and was disappointed.
    But I'm not disappointed with your blog. I love it,
    XXOO Marie Antoinette

  2. You find some scary stuff along with the cute and sweet as well as great pyrex. Good hunting this week. Thanks for hosting.

  3. Love the black space saver. I’ve never, ever seen black Pyrex in the wild—lucky you!
    I also had no idea that Pyrex made metal lids until reading this post. I’ll now be on the lookout.

  4. Between that ring and the Coke cans, I'm taking a trip down memory lane!!!

  5. Love the Coke cans, especially the turquoise one. The Marilyn Manson t-shirt is scary awesome. Can't believe you found one! My 17 year old son has a really eclectic taste in music and was actually listening to Marilyn Manson the other day! Crazy.


  6. I know what you mean about there being one vintage or band shirt in 400. That's why every time I go to the thrifts, I am compelled to go through every single t-shirt in the store, ha ha!

  7. Another set of vintage valentine cards? You are loved! All that pyrex looks like a good haul to me! Thank you for hosting.

  8. So jealous of your valentine finds! Two boxes!! Lucky you. I wish I could think of something you might like to trade you for the cards--Pyrex, although I love it, is one thing I don't collect. Great finds!

  9. That ring soooo brings back memories. We used to trade those and the bracelets back and forth. I wore them to to me elbows sometimes...the 90's were a strange decade.
    Love your Black Snowflake finds! Wish I could find the yellow and black one.
    And the Manson t-shirt is cool. I think my brother had that one. Back in the day band t-shirts were all we wore. Too bad we got rid of them all.

  10. So funny, I just listed the matching wrapping paper to those catwoman cards, finally had a bit of your luck and uncovered nostalgia from my childhood (rare!) at a junk store. :D I love all the cards.

  11. Those 80's Coke glasses are killer!

  12. Once again, great finds! I actually own the paper table sheet from that Catwoman party set!!

  13. oh my! those valentines cards are just to die for!

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