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Saturday, August 10, 2013



This week I had a major thrift disappointment. I was in one of my regular haunts, looking at the t-shirts when a bin of bakeware rolled out, I strolled over & Jadeite Fire King bowl didn't even settle in before I nabbed it off the shelf. Maybe I got to cocky after finding the bowl. This was probably my favourite thrift score so far this year & on my birthday - thrifting god upon me! Strolled along, I gently placed it in a basket wrapping it in a pair of linens I planned to resell to support an antique mall habit. I also stuck in a very small Fire King milk glass bowl I had never seen before, but didn't really want.. I just felt on fire after finding the Jadeite. I have never seen Jadeite on a shelf before. So, I get to the cash, I pick a t-shirt out of the basket & the tiny little bowl got caught on it somehow & DRRRROP.. smack right into the center of the Jadeite, smashing to bites & pieces. I've only broken one other thing in a thrift store & it was my nieces fault. I freaked out (I am not sure about you, but as soon as I pick something up at the thrift store, I am attached. I cannot live without out. That woman who's best friend is the pissed on doily on Hoarders & is crying as she throws it out. I am her.) & had to leave the store & everything in the basket at the checkout. I went home cutting my day short. Later when I cooled down, I checked out the linens & the last one sold in May on eBay for $100!! I had to wait a day & in a half to go back because I was going to Buffalo (the thrift stores SUCK there, BTW), but when I went back they were still there... so I am going to replace that Jadeite bowl. Sounds good, right? It wasn't an insanely rare one, so probably $20 shipped to my cousins house in Ohio.

despite breaking that bowl, I did find some pretty neat things. I did a few thrift stores in my area & some antique markets in Buffalo, NY. The thrift stores are pretty crappy there, despite Savers of course. The only things I found were these, the dolly case at AmVets & the glasses at Savers. The case was 99cents for both.

Here are some cute vintage Christmas items - I paid antique market price for the giant kneehugger, but I wanted it, no harm. I passed on a gold guy before & regretted it, glad I found another. The carolers were $10 for the set - made in Japan. Good buy or no? I thought they were cute. 

Some Pyrex finds. I found the Spring Blossom Green 441 on my birthday. Last year on my birthday I found 4 of them. 

Vintage napkins have become my thing, besides a set of like 1970's unopened plastic wrapped owl ones, that's all I have. I would love to own more. Something can be your thing when you only obsess over it over eBay, right?

A Sir Thrift-A-Lot staple - vintage stationary/cards. This card is for use. I paid $2.99 for it... to use it for my sisters birthday in November. She hates all things vintage. Inside it says, "Hope your birthday, sister, will be a jolly one & brings your way a year so gay that each day holds more fun!" Fitting.

A metal recipe box, I mainly bought for the vintage recipe cards inside for my Lustroware red one. 

Last item, these SEXY STIRRERS swizzles. 1970s?

I also bought a box of dishes, but I don't want to unpack tonight.. I also don't plan on shopping a lot this week, so gotta save something for next week! The amount of stuff in the house as exceeded the amount of storage space (surprised?), so we are now proud owners of locker space. $40 a month for peace of mind. I had to start moving stuff down there.. but I'm procrastinating. 

Hope to see what fantastic stuff you've found this week! I also found an Alice Cooper shirt from 1991 that I'm gonna try to list on eBay.

Link up below for Thriftasaurus - I can't believe Thriftasaurus has been going for almost a year. 


  1. I love the pink Pyrex and the cute little recipe box. Sorry to hear about your bowl incident!

  2. Sorry about your mishap, great finds though.
    Thanks for hosting.

  3. So sorry about the bowl, I would have been just sick, too. I never find jadeite at thrifts, only at antiques stores for huge money. Love all your other finds, though. The carolers are adorable. I linked up my last 4 weeks of finds. Take care - Dawn

  4. I've never broken anything at a thrift, but it will have to happen eventually I'm sure. Glad you were able to replace it. That's got to make you feel better, right? Hanna and I went to a show on Thursday and every time I saw Swizzle Sticks, I thought of you! I didn't find any nearly as sassy as the ones you found though.

    Don't forget we need your address so we can send you a little birthday prize!


  5. I've been debating on the locker space myself. Thing is, I have a shed in the backyard that would work nicely for my storage needs if someone (ahem!) would just clean it out and organize it a bit. Oh dear!

  6. Bet you have an inventory list of the stock you are moving to storage. I know the overwhelming feeling of TOO much stock in the house and no where to put more. Thanks for hosting.

  7. I have very similar Christmas figures like the carollers, they're ceramic, their faces are the very same.

    Love your giant knee hugger, too cute!

    I carried around a 401 bowl once and it slipped put of my hand, I can't even remember what it was now!! I felt so stupid!!

  8. Awesome finds this week, despite the broken bowl. Especially love the recipe box, pyrex, dolly case, and Sister card! I also have a thing for vintage paper goods and cards. Thank you for hosting, its been so fun to link up!

  9. Oh my lord, I would have cried! There is no way I would have been able to leave that store without making a total scene. That stinks soooo much (and on your dang birthday), but thankfully it wasn't a super rare one.
    I love the little carolers and and swizzle sticks are sexy as hell! Cool find.
    It's good you're going to get a replacement for the jadeite bowl. You totally deserve it!

  10. Inventory locker? I would not be able to do it. Out of sight out of mind... I bet you have a system! I would like to have a booth at an antique mall, but I am truly afraid of the cost. I might try next year. Sorry about the jadeite, I know the feeling.

  11. Sorry to hear about your jadeite bowl! At least your able to replace it. Once again you've found some amazing pyrex- it's been a pyrex drought around here. Love the knee huggers! Happy Birthday!

  12. I like your Pyrex finds. I've found a few here in NZ lately- not as nice as yours. They are usually hard to find here. The last one I bought was dropped outside the store by my husband who was carrying it. I was not happy!

  13. Major scores, loving ever single find! I haaaate it when I break vintage signs, wears on my heart it does.

  14. You had some fun finds this week. Thanks for hosting.

  15. You find the BEST stuff! Love the pyrex and the adorable red dolly cases!

    I'm so sorry about the jadeite bowl. Heartbreaking, indeed!


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