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Thursday, January 17, 2013

What I Didn't Buy At The Thrift Store

So weird how you can go into a store with 1,000's, some 10,000's items that have absolutely no sense or reason to each other & you can't even find one thing that interests you. Sometimes you can't even find one notable item. I ventured into 5 thrift stores today leaving with 4 very small purchases (3 from 1 store, 1 from another) & found a few items that caught my interest... 

Cute kitty cookie jar, chipped ear. Only premium, non chipped goods are coming home with me. We have run out of room!

You better do what you're told. 

Or you're next. 

This plastic musical box.. it was broken so I never got the chance to hear what beautiful tune it may have played. 

Have fun thrifting this weekend!
I have been up for 20 hours, been preparing for our exterminator... not fun. I really never knew we had so much stuff. Good news, though, about 2 garbage bags off to the dump & 3 to the thrift store - more room opened up! So that means some thrifting in while we're waiting to come back home. 


  1. Good luck on today! This morning I am taking two boxes of surplus "stuff" to a consignment antique shop, we'll see how that goes....everybody is trying to clear out but we'll all be bringing more back in!!

  2. Good luck with the exterminator!

  3. I would have bought that deer mug How cute but then I would have listed it on ebay :-)

  4. I had the same today at the op shops, you win some you lose some :-)

  5. Hi, I just found your blog & I'm excited to find another thrifter/collector! It's always interesting to see what other people are finding out there. Janice