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Friday, January 4, 2013

Thrift Haul: First of 2013!

I went on a little adventure yesterday after work to plan out a trip I'll be taking my friend on, transit can take forever if you don't know where you're going & my boyfriend will be at work with the car when we go thrift shopping. She's been bugging me for awhile to come & has even asked to guest post... I said sure... but nahhhting yet. She's a busy bee. 

I bought this toothpick holder from Value Village for $1.99. I'm building the set.. buying it all separately, the S&P shakers, napkin holders, creamer, sugar/jam bowl, spoon rest & now the toothpick holder. I see most people listing these as 1960's? I have a stamp on the back of my spoon rest, stamped 1982. Made by Enesco. Japan. Would they really have made items for this set 20 years apart, is my stamp incorrect or does a whole vintage reselling community need to reevaluate their dating skills? Also, just by Googling right now.. noticed they have a set with Santa hats! I've been dying for a perfect set of Christmas S&P's, fingers crossed. 360 days to find a set in the thrifts. 

My obsession with vintage cards has been sparked again. This can spell trouble. They pile up around the house. The bathroom, the kitchen, the bedroom, the living room, the closets... I just love looking at the graphics. 

$2.99 for this Nintendo sheet. This flat sheet sheet is a pretty good flat sheet for reselling.

 I had a friend OBSESSED with Girlschool. He moved to Calgary. I haven`t talked to him in two years. I thought I`d give this a try. They recently reduced their vinyl from $1.99 (which they raised this year from $1.49) to 99cents. Maybe all the negative feedback on Facebook?

(forgot to take a pic!) 

How is it going in your area? I have been working like a dog & have friends staying this weekend, so busy bee here to. 


  1. I have that toothpick holder. :) And I AM SO JEALOUS OF THE NINTENDO SHEET, HOLY SHIT ! Great score.

  2. Thanks Van! I love finding the Nintendo sheets.

  3. Nice score on the Nintendo sheet!! I found a pillow case a few years back and I've been looking for the sheet!

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