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Friday, January 11, 2013

New Collection: Vintage Erasers

or "rubbers" in some places are my new collection. I have nothing so far, but looking at pictures online, I have decided this is something I need to collect. One thing I love about this hobby (thrifting) is that it is always leading to new collections & there is always something new to collect.

these are some random pictures of vintage erasers ... retro, 1980's erasers.

When I first started blogging, my main obsessions were:
 - any piece of vintage stationery I could get my hands on
- vintage figurines 
-  hand vases (not chipped)
- CDs, since they were $1 ... didn't need them
- anything Care Bears
(barely buy any of these anymore)

my collections have changed since I started blogging, my main obsessions have become:
- vintage kitchen collectables
- vintage greeting cards
- 1980's pop culture items
- tea towels
- salt & pepper shakers

Have your collecting styles changed since you started blogging? Have you started any new collections after seeing them online?    


  1. i feel like i just MORE collections, dont really stop doing the others. i used to buy lots of salt and pepper shakers but i've gotten much pickier. my big collections now are crochet poodle bottle covers, black forest weather houses, vintage photos/scrapbooks, and dream pets.

    1. I have no idea what a dream pet is, but I'm glad there is a such thing as Google!

      & I you always find THE BEST vintage pictures. Seriously. Always.

  2. I've always amassed vintage kitcheny things, but over the years my preferences have changed. Pyrex, Fire King and Federal glass (for a long time I had no idea what it was) have always been high on the list. But colours (once blue and yellow; now green, orange, etc.) have changed, and I've become drawn much more strongly to early seventies-era housewares. Utility (as opposed to display function) has always been high on my list. I did once collect a lot of hand-thrown pottery, but have now given most of those pieces away.

    I'd *love* to read a post about how/when/where you fell in love with Pyrex!

    1. Maybe sometime in the future!

      It started with a not so honest action, though.

  3. I remember those erasers! I always begged for them, got them (some times :) and then promptly lost them.
    I have kind of always had a thing for old cameras, but am more about the pyrex and items to decorate my house. Turquoise, black and yellow are my colors. I try really hard to be very picky because I could easily get out of control. I'm also loving buttons right now. I'm excited to see your eraser collection grow!

    1. I'm out of control right now, but hopefully one day, I'll be back in!

      I grew up getting erasers like these, some out of bubble gum machines... I remember biting the lightbulb ones.

  4. We had those pac man erasers! I am a lot more obsessed with le creuset than I ever thought possible.

    1. Lucky! & lol, ya I never would have thought I'd be obsessed with the dishes we rarely used on the very top shelf of our cupboard, but here we are!

  5. Very cool collection! I always am on the lookout for the unusual. These are things that would normally have been tossed and those things are the best!

    1. They aren't mine - yet! But I hope to have all of them & even more, ASAP!

  6. My sister used to collect erasers like these - I bet there's still a bunch of them in her old room somewhere!

  7. I still collect the same stuff, I was buying years ago. But what is findable, does change a lot. And then it being priced within in reason.

    I can not stop myself from buying the vintage kitchen glassware. (1930's-1965ish) But I got picky about what colors to buy.

    I want the pretty colors! Pink, Yellow, Green, Turquoise...

    But I realize early on, that I wanted to attempt to buy things that compliment each other.

    First I was all over vintage green (jadeite and depression) glassware. (mid 80's) Then in move to pink and turquoise glassware in the early 90's to now.

    Yet, I was obsessed about the Fire King dots from the start. Then added to the collection the Fire King tulips.

    Then Pyrex happened. I was more careful with only buying the pink stuff for years. I have slowly expanded into turquoise and yellow.

    But I am on the hunt for those Federal circus theme bowls. Those are so lovely... not to be findable in my local antique malls.

    I try to keep my spending within reason.

    So if I come across something grossly over priced. BUT I JUST HAVE TO HAVE IT! I will have cash on hand, to pay for it.

    This has always been a cash hobby for me. No charging! Ever.

    1. Good policy! I've only ever charged stuff I bought online when I didn't have money in my Paypal account, which is a very rare occurance.

      I am still looking for the smallest circus Federal bowl. Have found it twice, but it's always been in horrid condition.

  8. This post didn't show up either - I wonder why????

    Good luck with the erasers - at least they won't take up much space!!!

  9. The erasers are a cute collection. I love Pyrex too!!