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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Unmarked Delphite Bowl

I picked up this delphite bowl from an antique market this weekend for a buck - does anyone know the maker? Delphite is such a nice colour. It's 5 1/2 inches across & in really good condition. 

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  1. No idea but definitely Delphite. Great find, the color is so eggshell blue!

  2. That is a lovely bowl I don't know who the maker is either.
    Good luck with your hunt for the maker.

  3. Maybe Hazel Atlas. A lot of their early stuff is unmarked.

  4. I have a couple of delphite saucers I got this weekend in a box lot from an auction. Trying to figure out their maker. I think you could have a Fire King bowl on your hands. The reason I say that, is because 5 1/2 inches across is the measurement for a FK cereal bowl. It also looks to be the same shape as one. But, who knows!

  5. Beautiful bowl! These are hard to ID unless you can find it documented in a book or something. Could be McKee or Jeanette also. It is the same shape as the Fire King cereal bowl, that Melissa mentions above. Sorry can't be of more help.

  6. Wow! For a buck??? What a great deal. It's so pretty!
    I want to fill it with pretty soaps and set it in the bathroom. Can't help you on the maker. That's always annoying. Why didn't they just mark everything back then???? lol
    Erica :)

  7. I have no idea who made the delphite bowl, but it sure is pretty. Hope you can find out more about it :-)

  8. I was going to say "Maybe Hazel Atlas, a lot of their stuff is unmarked", but I see Melissa from Andromeda Vintage took the words right outta my mouth, lol. GlasBake did that, too, I think, but I don't know of them making any delphite... no help, sorry. Thanks so much for sharing this at my History & Home Link Party. Hope to see you again on Tuesday. Take care - Dawn @ We Call It

  9. Thanks everybody for chipping in!

    If I do ever find anything out - I'll be sure to post. Whoever made it, great bowl & great price.