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Saturday, November 24, 2012


Thriftasaurus is coming early this weekend because I have a homecoming tomorrow after work & he's bringing Pyrex! The boyfriend went to Columbus, OH to visit his family for a week for Thanksgiving & I stayed home to take care of our dog, Charlie. We had a fantastic week together, but we've been missing somebody & are glad they are coming home tomorrow. 

This week the thrifts were.. different to me. I don't have a lot of time to talk about it tonight, but I basically felt defeated for a lot of reasons. I did hit pretty decently at one of the last thrifts of the week. I do want to write about it, but maybe later this week. 

The fridgies, the TMNT figurine & the Snowflake were all from the same thrift. They were all put out that day. I dislike how Value Village stopped putting the date on their items (loved knowing how long it was on the floor) & have been thinking a lot about their tagging. I just wanted to know when these were put out, so I kindly asked the worker putting items out. She ripped my head off. I don't quite  know why. She ended up asking me, "what does it matter?!" After initially ripped my head off. I just said, "what does it matter what does it matter? I was just curious, chill the hell out." Really don't know why she chose to flip out on me, but I won't put up with someone treating me like that, especially when I'm being nice. & I can't believe it was only $4.99 for the Snowflake, excellent condition, with lid, no chips. I thought I had it - guess not!

Anyways, Pinky & The Brain wrapping paper - way cool, some older polka dot wrapping paper & some vintage Christmas wrapping paper from Pioneer, which is a Canadian gas station chain. 

I wasn't too sure about buying this Goosebumps sheet.. I didn't want to a thrift regret, but I sorta do. This doesn't quite fit into my vintage flat sheet collection, so it might wind up going to our dog.   

I know Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles action figures, at least the vintage ones, can sell for a pretty penny on eBay, so I was quite excited to find a sealed Baxton Stockman action figure, still sealed. Turns out to not be one of the bigger sellers, but can still sell. 

I also found some Hollie Hobbie Christmas cards, unused with envelopes, which are now listed on eBay (starting $6.99 with a BIN for $8.99).

(if you're interested)

I also got a #503 yellow primary fridgie, without a lid... I find those often... OK, it was with a lid, but I put it towards the Blue Horizon! And... I bought a Town & Country divided dish.. for $4 because I wanted the lid. :/. I can't find one of these damn lids. 

Well, looking forward to what everything turned up this week! 

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  1. Cracking up at the quotes about thrifters (so true). You may have felt defeated but you still managed to score.

  2. I buy divided dishes just for the lids quite a bit. You can't ever find just the lids. You found quite a few great pieces despite feeling defeated. Maybe things will get better once your household is back together?


  3. I hope everything is going okay! Cranky salespeople are just plain annoying.

  4. oh man i love that pinky and the brain wrapping paper! i was obsessed with that show as a kid.

  5. a while ago i wrote a post about how i had come to the conclusion that it was time to "break up" with my thrift store after the salespeople were consistently rude. i kept going back for the great scores but the horrible feeling i got from the disgusting customer service couldn't be erased by the thrill of the find. i switched thrifts and could not be happier. great pyrex finds, as usual.

  6. Incredible finds, and I am sorry that you were mistreated.

  7. love love love your pyrex and am now hooked lol thanks for hosting

  8. That snowflake Pyrex is incredible! Sorry about the grumpy workers. Maybe a piece of Pyrex jumped off the shelf and attacked her one day?

  9. I love pyrex and vintage stationery too. Sweet lucky finds. Take care.

  10. You find the best Pyrex, so jealous!