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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Thriftasaurus #108

Thriftasaurus #109

I'd like to thank everyone who offered their condolences regarding my beloved dog, Charlie, who passed away at the age of 14 last week. We are absolutely lost without him. During the night, restless. We have been shopping all week to help fill the void. Have no idea what else to do & don't want to be home - the apartment was small, so it seems so empty. We are heartbroken. 

Thank you again everyone. I am sorry I missed last week, but I'm here today! I have piles of items on my floor from the past few weeks still in bags, so many that I can't showcase them all here. I'll have to save some for another time. I'm sure there will come a time when I'll go out again & find nothing. 

I bought this fan from the thrift store a few weeks ago, fresh from the bin. I'm unsure if the dealers don't deal in these things or they missed the bin since it came out a different door, but when I noticed the bin, it was pretty near empty. I have a solid metal Torcan fan, but I really like the look of this colourful, vintage, turquoise Westinghouse fan with blue plastic blades. Is this a common fan? I'm going to sell my Torcan & keep this one. This one needs a good deep clean.

I have some Pyrex & Hazel Atlas luck! Hazel Atlas is luck indeed because I found it at the Salvation Army, $1.99. Shocking, I know. I can count how many times I've found Pyrex/HA/Fire King at a SA on one hand. 

I went to a church sale, I go to this church sale every year. I am not made to get up early, so I can't do church rummage sales often, which is why I don't think estate sales are for me either. Chatter in the line that matched actions from people in line had me believing that even the church sale was corrupt - dealers having first pickings before opening. I was naive even to believe that a church would be on safe haven from second hand sale corruption. Anyways, here are my items from the sale. Under $5 for the lot of it. 

75 cent Pyrex bowls. 

The only vintage Christmas I found & an apron. I can't really decide if it's vintage (not that it matters, but it's nice to know) - thoughts? 

I also bought these egg cups. Lefton Bluebird has definitely seen better days, but for fifty cents, why not? On a high shelf, he'll display nicely still. I think most of my Bluebird collection is chipped & cost a buck, lol. 

I need to start cooking if I'm going to start buying cookbooks. It's a good hobby to start especially if I'm trying to keep busy & my mind off things. Got this vintage Betty Crocker cookbook. 

That's it for the church sale. I got a couple of other things, but IDk where they are.

I wish, I wish, I wish this fit. Vintage, Pendleton 100% virgin wool jacket/shirt?. Maybe if I loose my belly? It's so nice & looks next to unworn. 

Oh yea, this. 
(needs repair, don't have glue)

Also to round off the items for the week, some vintage salt & pepper shakers. These drip drop ones are pretty neat. I had never seen them before. I love the black lipstick. The hugging bears were in the bag & I just decided to keep them. 

One last thing... I just bought this guy on eBay tonight - $5.99 BIN. 




  1. I'm glad the thrift gods have been kind to you this week, some awesome finds, my thoughts are with you for Charlie, I hope life gives you some doses of happiness and kind surprises to help :)

  2. I am really sorry about your pup. Thinking of you.

    Love the Pendleton shirt! Yes to keeping that fan!

  3. Since Pendleton shirts are made here in Oregon, there is an abundance of them! I can't believe you found that HA dots bowl! Your SA sounds like my Value Village. I too can count on one hand the amount of times I've found ANYTHING there.

    Glad you are keeping busy. Cooking is a super fun hobby!


  4. All great finds, but the fan is my favorite

  5. Glad you have kept busy and in the process found some cool vintage stuff. Always a thrill to find Pyrex/HA stuff for a good price! Love the blue bird egg cute! I know it's been hard without Charlie...hang in there!

  6. Sorry to hear about Charlie. My thoughts are with you.
    And those are some great finds, a polka dot bowl? I want that!! Take care.


  7. You always find the coolest stuff. I want to come to Canada to thrift. Keeping busy helps but I know the feeling of coming home without a cold nose to greet you at the door.

  8. Oh, the church sales around here are about as corrupt as you can get! Your Pyrex bowls are pretty cool though :) I'm so sorry about your Charlie! It's so hard to lose our loved ones :(

  9. I have never thought of it, but the church sales do allow certain people to shop ahead. Sometimes they offer early admission for a donation. Keep your memories of Charlie in your heart and be at peace knowing he did not suffer. I linked a funny thing I found to cheer you up.

  10. i would be keeping those little s&p bears as well! so cute! and i would also have to make room for those gorgeous egg cups. you find the best items in packages! =)

  11. Nice finds. I especially love the Lefton bluebird. I hope the days get easier without Charlie.

  12. So sorry to hear about Charlie--such a terrible loss. I did enjoy seeing all your finds from this week--not much consolation but it's good to get your mind off things for a bit, right?

  13. I am so far behind on blog reading, I did not realize you lost your dear pup - so sorry!!

    Great finds for you - I have that same Mr. & Mrs. Claus, I seem to see them often!!

    Check out what I found!!! I was so excited!!

  14. 75 cents for pyrex!? That's amazing! What wonderful scores all of them.

  15. Oh we understand about your missing Charlie, and unfortunately that hole in your heart will be there a long time, but the wonderful memories of him will be there too. ((hugs)).

    You got some great stuff, and dang but they really do start those church sales too early, lol. Hate seeing those early dealers coming out with bags when the rest of us haven't even gotten in yet.

    Check the butts on your hugger S&P shakers, see if they are signed Van Tellingen. They are quite collectible and go for about $30! And they were just in the bag. :)

    Probably linking up later, too painful to do from my tablet here.

  16. Sorry about your doggie! I know it sucks and I hope your hearts will heal soon. Our cat is 20, and I know her days are numbered, our last cat made it to 21....some OLD ladies! But on a good note, those pyrex sales are killing me!! I cant do morning either. Garage sales in florida are usually over at 12 noon! So I never go to those. I hit the sales when I am in Detroit since they go until 6! So much better!

  17. Thanks for hosting this week. Keeping busy and changing your routines helps somewhat I know from experience. I still think about our little Dee and its been 13 years. But the thoughts now are the comforting, remember when thoughts.

    Its church sale season in November on the coast and we just hope all the good stuff hasn't been picked prior to the sale. Its like thrift stores, picking goes on in the back rooms and by 'friends of..' etc.

    My fav is the pop up garage sale that didn't advertise because they want to clean things out. I've only been to two in ten years and they were great. Memories.