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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Thriftasaurus #98

Thriftasaurus #98!

Good evening, how was your first weekend of August? It's a long weekend here for some/a lot of people, so hopefully everyone is making the most of it. I am working, which is fine, I can deal with time & a half anytime, especially since I have a shopping trip planned in the upcoming weeks to the USA. Need every penny I can get, you know? 

I didn't buy much for myself, aside from these Easter tins. The guy was a pretty good salesman, I will tell you. I wasn't sure if I wanted the one, but before I knew it, I was at the ATM & I was buying 2 (he gave me a deal, obviously, which gave me 1 for basically free). Then I was walking to work & I was like, "whoa.. good salesman!" I don't even fall for impulse items at retail stores & get angry when my BF does, can't believe this guy was so slick into talking me into something I wasn't sure if I wanted! I didn't need to go to the ATM because they cost a fortune, I just didn't have any cash. At all. Don't want anyone out there to think I overpaid for something, no, no..

I have this set of bowls NIB, I paid $15 for them (which was from a woman who was just getting rid of them because she had them in her house since her wedding shower). These were about the same price at the thrift, pretty near mint condition except for one minor issue. For trade or sale, if anyone is interested. Will be listing on Kijiji. Spring Blossom Green Mixing bowls, 400-series. 401-403.

The price & condition was right on this Colonial Mist. Hate the pattern, but it's for sale or trade to anyone interested. Will be listing on Kijiji. 

I have this vintage sheet, too. I didn't do any research, but I thought the colours were right & it might do well enough. What do you think? I bought for my Intsashop, but might try eBay first.

I have been doing OK on eBay sales. I had 2 sales totaling $110, which cost me $6, free shipping on both. I also bought some sure sellers this week, so will be listing those & expect them to fly. 

& this stuff (among other crap!) was in the tins. The seller must have not known these were in here, as they were still priced ($20 altogether). Are they actually arrowheads?

Hope you link up this week! I feel like this is one of those weeks that is going to fly buy, so to the horror of my BF, I hope I can get some shopping squeezed into there. 

now it's time to party... 





  1. Vintage sheets have done really well for me. Don't underprice them. Love all the Pyrex!

  2. The tins look even cuter than when I saw them on IG - nice purchase!

    I have nothing to share,I didn't buy a thing all week!

  3. Vintage sheets seem to do really well on Instagram. You should have no problem selling them wherever you decide to list them.

    Love those tins! I have a few similar ones but with different patterns.

    We are still in California. Leaving this morning for the long 8 hour drive home. I bought so much stuff this weekend its going to take me all day tomorrow to get it dealt with. I'll link up as soon as I can!


  4. Love your finds and that set of Pyrex bowls is fab! I am trying to downsize my Pyrex to just the items I use.

  5. I sell a ton of the vintage floral sheets in my booth. Love the tins. Thanks so much for hosting.

  6. You find the best Pyrex!! When I find it, it is usually way overpriced. Thanks for hosting :-)

  7. The tins are great! Have a great week!

  8. I randomly found a Colonial Mist casserole dish this week, but it's the first one I've seen around here!

    ~Jenn (

  9. I love that vintage sheet, I cut them into fat quarters, I find you can sell them for a lot more that way!

    I shared my link, thanks for hosting :)

  10. Love those sweet little tins!!! I've had some great Pyrex finds more recently, but so busy trading, selling and creating! I need a vacation! LOL