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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Thriftasaurus #84

Thriftasaurus #84

taped the poster [very poorly] to the wall for photo.

Greetings from Columbus, Ohio! I'm doing my like 3rd scheduled post, these things are weird, man. I hope it all goes as planned & I've yet to do an inlinkz scheduled linkup, so x fingers crossed x.

I've got 2 beauties 2 show off, one is one of my favourite finds from last year that I've never posted (I know, right?). Erin from Toronto Yard Sale Snoop has the most exciting booth in an antique market in Dundas, ON. I'm not just saying that (I'm not that nice), she really does. When she first posted pictures of her booth, I saw this "Anatomy of a Vandal" poster. I needed to have it. It was about 2 weeks until I was going to be able to attack that market in full force & she offered to bring it to me since she comes to Toronto for work & we are actually both in the madness that is Union Station during rush hour! So, I've taped it up for this picture, but I've meant to buy a frame for it. I don't want a thrifted frame, I am going to buy a black, plain Ikea frame - exciting right? These are usually damaged to heck at the thrifts. 

It's a 1979 school poster, I was told it was destined for the trash. It's amazing what schools toss. My BF's mom, when she came over & say my metal globes told me a few months before she just tossed about 25 in the trash.
Second - I bought a lamp with a lamp shade with everything you saw last week... and carried this 7 pound lamp (complete with lampshade attached) a 10 minute walk into a grocery store, grabbed some dragon fruit, walked around like an idiot trying to find some pita chips, hopped on a bumpy bus ride for 25 minutes, transfer on a 25 minute subway ride, transferred another 5 minute subway ride & another 8 minute walk home. Dedication, right? But seriously, it was like someone carrying a lamp on the subway was the most bizarre thing anyone has ever seen. I only wanted the lamp shade from the lamp, but yeah, it was just like one I have been looking for, but seems a tad disproportionate. Oh well!

I hope this scheduled post works out! 

Can't wait to come back from Ohio & see what you all found... 



  1. Have fun on this side of the border! I think all thrifters have had wacky misadventures in carrying :D

  2. Worked just fine. I'll be back on Monday to link up.

  3. The lamp is awesome! I would have hauled it all over the place too.

    Hope you are finding some good stuff. On a side note, I shipped you a package that shows it delivered on the 17th. Did you get it?


  4. Hope you're enjoying your trip. Lovely finds,a lamp and a work out all in one:)

  5. I'm seeing double with that lamp ;D Love the skeleton poster, I'd have scooped that up in a heartbeat.

  6. Hope your having a good time.
    I like that lamp.
    Thanks for the party.

  7. First time here. Came over from A Little Bit Of Everything. I am having a ball looking through all the vintage stuff here. It is like wonderland. You are so right about vintage school materials. During the eighties I watched in horror as the school district burned piles of textbooks, charts, and other things. Said they could not give away or sell them.

  8. Your post worked fine! Thanks for hosting :)