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Sunday, February 23, 2014



Hey fellow thrifters! How are you all?

As you can see, I am a little late this week, with good reason: my father got married in Michigan! Better late than never. If you're curious, I did end up finding a suit. I went to a thrift store that I detest going to. It's full of pretentious hipsters who think they're hot shit for shopping at the thrift, a touch of crazy, more idiots than any other thrift I have ever been in, people who won't move their cart, people you want to box & the place is so picked clean you are usually picking through trash. That suit... it was the most I ever paid for anything at a thrift store - $54.99. I was embarrassed buying it, but I had no other option. I couldn't find a suit in any other store - including retail. What's a boy to do?

I was thrilled to thrift in my hometown, got to only 2 thrift stores & the antique market. Nothing at the thrifts & a few things at the antique market, but nothing I wanted to bring home (it was chipped or dirty). They had a beautiful teak dresser/buffet/display case thing for $150, a formica table for $40 (that would sell for $200ish in my city)... good deals to be had! A Jadeite tear drop bowl - $21, though it was chipped. & can you believe, I sat down on the train, looked up & saw a known reseller & fellow collector... she was on the same train, in the same car, going to the same destination. How bizarre, eh? Every good thrifter gets in a little bit of thrifting, so I blame my lack of finds on her - hah. 


So, that all aside, I picked up this elastica sticker last week, an online purchase for $2 from 1995. I remember wearing an elastica shirt in high school & having some raver kid laugh at me.. 

Here are some elastica videos... 

 I've got some other stuff to post that I picked up from my father while in Michigan, that will have to wait! I'm tired & a little hungover. Not sure if they say this at every wedding, but they said our party drank more booze than any other wedding there before. May be true - they did run out of both white wine & vodka. 

Hope it's not too late & you join in below! I read some blogs on the train on my way home, some pretty vintage finds out there!
Happy Hunting this week. I'll be out there full force. My grandfather gave me some money & wants me to buy something nice for myself, here's a quote from the wedding from him (he's 90): 

"If you're not having a good time, don't blame yourself, blame someone else."




  1. Sounds like a very good time was had by all. Thanks for Thriftasarus # 75.

  2. Well nice to hear you found a suit for your dads wedding and it sounds like you had a good time at the wedding. I like your grandfather's quote.

  3. Love your new header and graphics, the place looks great (I missed it last week, sorry)

  4. Where abouts in Michigan were you shopping? I am heading back home to Detroit this June for a wedding. We are road tripping from Florida. I plan to hit thrift stores along the way. Also heading to Chicago for the day and Canada for the day. Windsor area. Just a quick trip. Its been a while since I have been back home in the "D", I can't wait to hit some thrift stores!! I want to stay away from the one you mentioned. I don't want to be at the place with hipsters!

  5. Thanks for the link-up again! Congrats to your dad too!

  6. $54.99 isn't bad for a nice suit. Congrats to your dad and impressive that the guests emptied the bar!!

  7. sounds like a great time was had thanks for hosting

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