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Sunday, December 22, 2013



Only 2 more thrifting days before Christmas! 
Christmas hunting season is for the most part over (for me) - 50% off Christmas goods at most thrifts. I had a thrifting adventure planned on Friday, with a few markets to hit with the boy, but with the impending doom of the winter ice storm that meteorologists were predicting to start Friday morning, I thrifted locally bringing home a few gems. 

At 2 different thrifts were salt & pepper collections - the first is where I picked up all in this post, the second they were the grodiest salt & pepper shakers ever, all chipped, dirty as hell, orphaned, just gross! I felt terrible leaving behind a Holt Howard orphan kitty shaker & wall hanging, but too damaged too bring home! I did, however, get to bring home these kitties with the stretched necks - I've wanted a stretched neck set for awhile. I wanted the Poppin' Fresh, they came with the kitties, but gotta try to clean these ones up. I almost bought some from a market. The snails were bag extras.

survived 50 years in someones kitchen, a thrift stores back room,
thrift store grab bags, but couldn't survive 12 hours on my counter
Poor ballerinas, I got some superglue, but somehow it busted open in my bag on the way home from work & the botr quarter. I collect these in my change & sell them on eBay in lots. 

I haven't found Butterprint in such awhile! It used to be an almost weekly thing for me. Friendship in the same store. Love it!

I also got these.Dick Tracy items, some pop culture fun! Can you believe I found these at (the mug set & pitcher) at 2 different thrift chains in 2 different cities?

That's it for me!
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I probably won't be back until after Boxing Day, sooo... MERRY CHRISTMAS.
Hope it's a good one.  


  1. Great Pyrex I hardly ever find the Friendship pattern around here. The pillsbury boy and girl are nice make me think of childhood.

  2. cute shakers! I think the snail ones are really sweet!

  3. Love your term "stretched neck!" Never heard it before.
    This year I've found some single pepper or salt shakers, and I've used them as stand-alone decor. With the tiny holes at the top, no one is the wiser.

  4. You found some pretty great stuff. I can't believe the amount of Pyrex! It is super scarce around here, not like when I first started collecting and found it EVERYWHERE! Love the stretch neck kitties. Wait till you see the set I got Hanna!

    Happy Holidays!


  5. Love all your great finds! I used to collect S & P shakers, and unashamedly admit I had about 200 pairs! I did sell most of them, saved a few for my tablescapes. Love the ballerinas, even damaged they are so sweet. Great Pyrex scores!

    Joining in today. Happy Holidays!

  6. You are the Pyrex King! Have a wonderful Holiday and Boxing Day and whatever else is next!

  7. Aaah the Dick Tracey set! It's a crap movie but I love its primary color scheme and Danny Elfman score. :D ! The wrong type of literal of a comic book interpretation (should have gone more Sin City? That would be beauteous) but still has a place in my heart.

  8. DICK TRACY!! I adore that movie so much and your find is so rad!!!

    You such luck with Salt and Pepper shakers. I have a tiny collection going but nothing cute as those.

    Merry Christmas!!

  9. Nativity and sled (and all its decorations) are thrifted, just got the Nativity plaque. Seasonal. Thanks for hanging in and letting us have a place to share thrifted finds. Very much appreciated. Hope things are going better for you this week.

    Merry Christmas.


  10. Busted vintage salt and pepper shaker? Don't I know that heartbreak. My last boyfriend was a real bull in a china shop. I've got this cat and ball of yarn S+P that are independent to the little base they're on. He picked it up, sending the ball of yarn crashing to the floor (didn't realize it wasn't connected.) Grr...I was able to glue it back together, and it's a nice shelf piece. Never to hold salt again, though...

  11. Thank you for hosting. I love that you found the stretch neck cat shakers. I hadn't heard that term but it fits. Great Pyrex scores, too! Have a Merry Christmas.

  12. Look at all that glorious Pyrex! I'm so jealous! And the salt and pepper shaker score is great. All the little kitties are fantastic.
    Merry Christmas to you too friend! I hope you have a great holiday!

  13. I love the salt and peppers! Usually when I find them at the thrift I only find a single one, rarely a pair. Merry Christmas to you!

  14. My sister and I both found new outfits to wear at our local thriftstore just days before our cruise. I love the Hospice thrift stores, for clothing especially, but I always find cool stuff there.

    1. That's cool! Hope you had a nice cruise. I will be getting my wedding ware for my dads wedding from the thrifts.

  15. I just sold two of "the kid" D.T. glasses at the Leslieville flea two months ago! LOVE the juice jug!!!