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Saturday, February 23, 2013



Very light thrifting for me this week, will probably trend into next week. Only found a few smalls this week. 

A 502 Pyrex Butterprint fridgie, at Goodwill. Have been to this Goodwill 200 or more times, can count the # of fridgies on one hand. Thank you to the person who hid this, otherwise I might not have found it. 

Some NIP Lisa Frank pencils from the 1980's "Girl Talk" & "Splatters". My sister & I used to be addicted to Lisa Frank stuff. This particular pencils are from 1989. Also a package of paper owl coasters by Monogram California, originally priced at 75cents.

Link up below if you found some fab thrifted finds this week!

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  1. Cool retro finds! I love it when someone has hidden something and I find it. That's happened to me many times! :)

  2. that adorable owl face needs to be framed as art! to put my drinking glass on him would make me sad.

  3. I sorta cheated this week as I didn't share vintage finds. I found something special so I shared that. :)

  4. thats awesome. i'd love to find some fridgies.

  5. Don't you love when you find those hidden treasures? Thanks for the link up.

  6. You must have a giant collection of Butterprint refrigerator dishes! It seems like you find one every other week:-) Love the Lisa Frank. Maddie likes to find that stuff at the thrifts too for her pencil collection.

  7. Oh I love those owl coasters! You always find such good paper goodies.