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Friday, September 28, 2012

S & P Shaker Wish List!

Back in June I did my first salt & pepper shaker wish list. You can check it out here. I was lucky enough to score one set off that list (pictured above) - The Lefton Bluebirds, chipped, but only $5. 

Here are a few more sets I'd love to own! 

These vintage turquoise shakers with roosters would look absolutely stunning with a set of Butterprint Cinderella bowls. 

These deer are pink & very simple, but still cute! I've got an orphan shaker, but am hunting for it's match. I guess you can say I'm 'deer hunting'? heh. 

Super simple, but I still want to add these Ball Mason Jar shakers to my collection. 

This set has got to be one of the funkiest ones I've ever seen. I'm dying to put this set in my showcase (although, not going to pay eBay pricing + shipping!). Hope it turns up in a thrift or antique market soon. I love their monocles. This set is from Japan.

Last but not least, these retro coffee pot ones. The retro kitchen appliance ones I have quite an adoration for. 

Hope I can report back with some good s & p news for my news!


  1. These are so cool, I really hope you find them all. I'll keep an eye out too! The coffee pot ones are fantastic! I would love to have those!

    1. Awwe, thanks. If I happen across doubles of the coffee pots, I'll let you know!

  2. I love the coffee pot shakers. I have the bluebirds and one of the ears on mine is chipped but it is towards the back so you can't notice it. Hanna found a set at a thrift store that were also chipped. These must be pretty fragile!


    1. You guys always have the most awesome/cutest stuff. Jealous.

  3. Great wish list, I can see why you want them!

  4. Have the coffee pot set. Are you still interested in them?