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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Garage Saling With Sir Thrift-A-Lot!

Garage Saling With Sir Thrift-A-Lot!

The day started early for 2 non-morning after going to bed a 2ish lovers - 7AM. I made a mix CD, packed the cooler & we were out the door. This was the first time we made the trek out garage saling, after saying we're going to do it since last spring (& estate sales during the winter!). There were so many attempts, we finally made it

Things started looking grim as we turned the corner where the first sale was supposed to be - 8AM start time & a few people in the middle of the street & sidewalk with the look of WTF is going on. Great, no sale. 

Shortly thereafter, the rain began, but before the rain began we made it to 2 pathetic sales & one with outrageously priced, ugly framed prints - $50 - $100 for a frame print that's not really anything special? I can order that shit from eBay for $10 & a nicer frame at the thrift for $5. 

We happened across one still active yard sale during the rain & I picked up this Omnibus cookie jar. For my booth/store. Price wasn't too bad.
(street sales, yard sales.. all closed up due to rain).

We stopped at the side of the road to check out these tables set up at the side of the road, nothing but junk... but just as we were leaving I spotted those Ghostbusters glasses I have been collecting. SCORE! His friend tells us he has about 6-7. We ask the price. $10 each!!
We laugh all the way to the car.. I bought these glasses last week at the thrift for $1!! Dude, you ain't running some collectible shop, you've got some table at the side of the road in the rain.

Oh, I got this Green Ivy Pyrex bowl from a Value Village along the way. 

Toronto is great as it has a little bit of everything, we even went to a "gothic yardsale" (as it was advertised) where you could have bought anything from a collectible gold plated 1980's Ninja Turtle to a used bondage set for $100!
They did have something interesting, a zip-lock bag of 1980's Smurf figurines, price? $3.. each.. Damn girl, I can buy two or three of these at the thrift store in a bag for $3. You're having a garage sale!

I might attempt a sale or two this Saturday - there is one a few streets over from my house. x fingers, toes crossed x.


  1. Good luck!! I feel your pain, yard sales in my town are pathetic, it's not that they're overpriced, it's just that there's nothing good!!

  2. I can't stand a crazy priced yard sale! The craziest one I saw last week was a woman trying to sell a used carseat for an infant for 175$. Whaaaa? Thanks for your visit to my blog AND for helping me identify Reddy Kilowatt, I think I am in love with him. ;)

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